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Samantha Brookes

Founder and CEO of Mortgages of Canada with 14 years of experience specializing in mortgages, debt consolidation, and refinancing.

Samantha Brookes is founder and CEO of Mortgages of Canada, one of the fastest-growing full-service mortgage brokerage firms in Canada.

With more than 14 years of experience in mortgages, Samantha provides a diversity of knowledge when analyzing each client’s financial situation. She understands their needs and strives to ensure they get what they deserve.

Samantha offers a compassionate approach to the complicated business of mortgages and investing. Her persistent work ethic has helped her to build solid relationships with lending associates and banks to ensure she gets the best-priced, individually-structured mortgage loans for her clients.

Samantha’s interests include running and acting. She worked as an actress and stunt-woman for many years, appearing in such films as Deacons for Defense, Get Rich or Die Trying, and Twice in a Lifetime.

She is also a graduate of the University of Kansas where her interest in running earned her a track scholarship. She remains an avid runner and has fueled this passion into her volunteer work.
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Millennials: Buying A Home ASAP Is Worth It In The Long Run

Thirty-six is the new 30 for first-time home buyers in Canada -- meaning that the average age of current home buyers is 36, while the majority of current home owners bought their place before they were 30. Considering that millennials are typically 25 to 34 years old, many are left asking the question: are millennials buying homes?
04/21/2016 04:10 EDT

Reverse Mortgages: The Good, The Bad And The Misunderstood

There are a ton of regulations involved in reverse mortgages, but they are still becoming more and more popular because frankly they can be beneficial. Like any mortgage or loan it is all situational. For some people a reverse mortgage is a great idea and maybe even their best option, but for others it is just a way to incur more debt.
10/28/2015 08:03 EDT

Don't Jump the Gun Locking Into a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

With mortgage rates likely about as low as they can go, it may seem like a sure bet to lock into a fixed rate. But homeowners should be focused less on rates and more on the bigger issues of affordability, eligibility and, most importantly, maintaining good credit.
08/28/2015 05:22 EDT
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The Pros and Cons of Renting Out Part of Your Home

On the surface it seems like a fabulous idea: Carve out a portion of your home, rent it out and use the rental income to pay your mortgage. You get to live basically "rent free" while at the same time reaping the tax benefits of writing off some of the costs associated with accommodating a rental apartment in your home.
08/14/2015 08:26 EDT