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Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Writer, Media Commentator and Podcaster

Samantha Kemp-Jackson, aka “Multiple Mayhem Mamma,” is a successful parenting writer, media commentator and podcaster. As a regular staple on the Canadian media landscape, Sam has appeared on a variety of broadcast, online and print media outlets including The Canadian Press, Reuters, CTV and CBC Radio & News, among many others. Her writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star among others and her straightforward perspective on parenting has made her a frequent interview subject on outlets including Global News, Maclean’s, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and many other local and national outlets. Sam can also be found providing opinion as a regular weekly panelist on CTV News Channel’s “Behind the Headlines” segment with Beverly Thompson. For a more detailed overview of her broadcast and online media interviews, visit her media page, on her blog at here.
It's Time To Bring Back Shop and Home Economics cyano66 via Getty Images

It's Time To Bring Back Shop and Home Economics Classes

As our lives became more hectic and lifestyles more busy, the traditional model of family also shifted. No longer were women staying at home, living out their lives as "domestic goddesses," and increasing numbers of men were shown to be not particularly handy when it came to making and fixing things, and that was okay. But now, our kids don't have those skills at all. What happened?
08/09/2016 12:32 EDT
Stop Forcing Summer Activities On Your MIXA via Getty Images

Stop Forcing Summer Activities On Your Children

"Children need to be occupied, they need structure, they need predictability," the experts tell us. Heaven help you if you don't make sure to keep those sticky little hands busy between late June and Labour Day every year. After all, children need structure right? No they don't.
06/27/2016 11:25 EDT
Let Kids Open Presents At Birthday Parties, shutterstock

Let Kids Open Presents At Birthday Parties, Please!

There has been something that's been bothering me in recent years, while taking my kids to birthday parties. It's the "present-opening" time of the event -- or lack thereof. Yes, there's a trend towards not opening presents and I'm trying to figure out why.
03/21/2016 04:10 EDT
When Your Child Doesn't Have Friends, Here's What To shutterstock

When Your Child Doesn't Have Friends, Here's What To Do

So what's a parent to do when they realize that their child, for whatever reason, is having difficulty making or maintaining friendships? No parent wants to feel that their child is missing out or... being shunned for one reason or another... Yet, this is the reality for too many children who face rejection on a daily basis.
03/09/2016 12:04 EST
Be Kind and Give Your Seat to a Pregnant Shutterstock / Eternalfeelings

Be Kind and Give Your Seat to a Pregnant Woman

Sadly, in my experience, purposely ignoring pregnant women while riding public transit has become the norm, not the exception. What has happened to humanity? The lack of focus on others, supported by the technological tools to "zone out" or feign ignorance wherever and whenever possible makes this willful blindness not only possible but probable as well.
06/14/2015 10:55 EDT
Let's End the Myth of the 'Evil Amanda Rohde via Getty Images

Let's End the Myth of the 'Evil Twin'

There are no polarities when it comes to twins. No "good" one vs. "bad one;" no angelic child versus evil spawn, no duelling forces, vying for the top spot in their respective categories. There are just kids, warts, scabbed knees and all. Though the mythology and expectation of opposite-minded twin siblings is appealing to some, it is, fortunately, untrue.
02/04/2015 12:53 EST
Don't Make Santa Your Parenting Nicole Waring via Getty Images

Don't Make Santa Your Parenting "Fall Guy"

Sure, Santa may determine that a child's behaviour is not up to snuff and is therefore a reason to deny said child of gifts on Christmas Day. But why does Santa have to be the judge, jury and (figurative) executioner on December 25th? Whatever happened to parental responsibility and the ability to look one's child in the eye in an attempt to deliver the verdict?
12/20/2014 02:56 EST
Trick-or-Treating is For Kids. Shutterstock

Trick-or-Treating is For Kids. Period.

It's fair to say that many teens love getting something for nothing. Free candy? It fits the bill. And every October 31, they fail to disappoint, showing up at the door, thrusting a bag in the direction of unwitting participants, sometimes without even uttering the agreed request -- sometimes, the words "Trick or Treat" aren't even mentioned.
10/28/2014 01:07 EDT
5 Steps You Can Take If the News Scares Your Shutterstock

5 Steps You Can Take If the News Scares Your Kid

With recent world events escalating in tandem with the ubiquitous 24/7 news cycle, it's almost impossible for a parent to completely limit the access to information that their children may have. Following are five tips for parents about how to calm their child's fears during these difficult times.
10/27/2014 01:02 EDT