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Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Writer, Media Commentator and Podcaster

Samantha Kemp-Jackson, aka “Multiple Mayhem Mamma,” is a successful parenting writer, media commentator and podcaster. As a regular staple on the Canadian media landscape, Sam has appeared on a variety of broadcast, online and print media outlets including The Canadian Press, Reuters, CTV and CBC Radio & News, among many others. Her writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star among others and her straightforward perspective on parenting has made her a frequent interview subject on outlets including Global News, Maclean’s, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and many other local and national outlets. Sam can also be found providing opinion as a regular weekly panelist on CTV News Channel’s “Behind the Headlines” segment with Beverly Thompson. For a more detailed overview of her broadcast and online media interviews, visit her media page, on her blog at here.
Overscheduled Kids and Parental Getty

Overscheduled Kids and Parental Guilt

The trend towards kids having rigorous schedules is a relatively new phenomenon. Perhaps a result of the pervasive guilt that so many of us share because of our need to work longer hours, we've put our kids in as many lessons as possible, some for practical reasons (after-school lessons and sports practice keeps our kids busy until we can leave work and pick them up) and some...well...not so much.
06/18/2013 12:09 EDT
Six Simple Tips For Spring Home AP

Six Simple Tips For Spring Home Safety

Having been cooped up indoors for so many months, is it any wonder that we're itching to get outside? But while we may be gung-ho about getting lawn work and gardening done, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind, in order to keep the family safe.
05/31/2013 05:50 EDT
It Should Go Without Saying, But Don't Name Your Baby Alamy

It Should Go Without Saying, But Don't Name Your Baby "Hitler"

I'm all for uniqueness when it comes to naming a child. After all, no one wants to give their child a name that will be shared by three or more kids in their grade school classroom. That being said, parents still need to consider certain parameters when making a decision that will affect their child for many years to come. Case in point: the poor child incredulously named "Adolph Hitler Campbell."
05/27/2013 12:23 EDT
10 Things You Need for Emergency Alamy

10 Things You Need for Emergency Preparedness

The week of May 5 to 11 is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. An annual event, the first week of May signals an opportunity for people to make sure families are ready for any eventuality that may occur in their homes. Here are ten things you need.
05/06/2013 12:46 EDT
On Mother's Day, Remember Them Amanda's Parties To Go

On Mother's Day, Remember Them All

As we walk down the street we are passing many moms, grandmothers, aunts and sisters, all of whom have played a vital role as a motherly figure in so many lives. That homeless woman with the shopping cart, the strange and cranky old lady across the street, that quirky "cat lady" colleague who's now mothering only felines -- they all have stories to tell, many of them involving their kids.
05/06/2013 12:42 EDT
Five Ways to Deal With Your Kids in Public Getty Images

Five Ways to Deal With Your Kids in Public Bathrooms

The thought of entering a public bathroom with your kid is more than you can bear. Have no fear the next time this scenario presents itself. There are, thankfully, some very simple tips and strategies that parents can use. Following are the top five ways to deal with public bathrooms when out with the kids.
04/18/2013 08:26 EDT
The 10 Mom Types That You'll Find at the

The 10 Mom Types That You'll Find at the Park

Moms at the park playing with their kids are a common sight in most neighborhoods. Not surprisingly then, is it any wonder that there are as many different types of moms at the park as there are days of the week? Read on and you'll find that you'll likely recognize at least a few of these parents at your local playground.
04/07/2013 11:09 EDT
The Top 10 Lies Parents Tell Their

The Top 10 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

The reality of being called "mom" or "dad" means that you're gonna have to bend the truth somewhat. The lies parents tell their kids range from the ridiculous to the sublime. These lies can range from a simple white lie to a real doozy. It's all just a matter of scale. Whatever it takes, right?
03/26/2013 12:11 EDT
The 10 Best Pieces Of Advice From My shutterstock

The 10 Best Pieces Of Advice From My Mother

It was only when I became a mother myself that I realized that my mom knew far more than I had given her credit for. The very sage advice from mom that I had previously ignored seemed to all of a sudden resonate with me. Yes -- I will tell anyone who listens that the old adage is true: Mom really does know best.
03/15/2013 12:15 EDT
Why We Shouldn't Force Our Kids Into Alamy

Why We Shouldn't Force Our Kids Into Sports

The message that we're sending to our children is loud and clear: we want you to excel at sports, so you'd better do it. We want to see you become an athletic star, regardless of your interest (and often skill level). Until we let go of our collective dreams of athletic super-stardom, of touchdowns and home runs, we will continue to negatively affect our children's psyches.
02/04/2013 05:27 EST
The Top 10 Lies Kids Tell Their Shutterstock

The Top 10 Lies Kids Tell Their Parents

If you're a parent, you know that your little darlings may not always be telling you the absolute truth. Yes, it's hard to believe, but kids lie. A lot. Just because you've been lied to by your child doesn't mean that it has to continue. It's you against them when it comes to the truth. You're their parent, so you should win.
01/08/2013 12:21 EST
New Year's Eve With Kids? Six Ways to Make it Fun for Merriment Design

New Year's Eve With Kids? Six Ways to Make it Fun for Everyone

Gone are the days when you waited for New Year's Eve with anticipation. No, you are in a different stage of your life now. You are a parent of children. Young children. Though it may seem this way as you approach December 31 with the family, all hope is not lost. There are things that you can do with the kids where you and the little ones can enjoy the celebration.
12/31/2012 12:21 EST
Is it Ever OK to Punish Someone Else's Alamy

Is it Ever OK to Punish Someone Else's Child?

How we choose to discipline our children -- or not -- is one of the few polarizing topics that divides parents like no other. But what can be done? Is it alright to discipline other people's children? Spanking notwithstanding, is it ever OK to jump in and take the bull by the horns? The issue of boundaries when it comes to other people's children is one that, in our society, is sacred.
12/04/2012 08:05 EST
Are Parents Scared Their Punishments Will Go Alamy

Are Parents Scared Their Punishments Will Go Viral?

When it comes to discipline, many parents have taken a large step backwards, and technology is to blame. In this day and age of smart phone journalism, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook shares, parents have become wary and hesitant of punishing their children in case their actions at any moment are recorded and uploaded to a willing audience in a matter of seconds.
11/20/2012 05:28 EST
I'll Admit it: I Use Santa to Keep the Kids in AFP/Getty Images

I'll Admit it: I Use Santa to Keep the Kids in Line

I've been using the power of Santa Claus for a few weeks now, and things are looking good. For maximum effectiveness, the use of Santa and his omnipresence is good for the window directly following Halloween until December 25. During this time, I enjoy the increased attentiveness, dearth of meltdowns and general calm that precedes Christmas day.
11/19/2012 05:43 EST
What These 10 Classic Parenting Phrases Really Alamy

What These 10 Classic Parenting Phrases Really Mean

We've all heard them. Those annoying phrases that our parents said to us growing up and now that we're parents ourselves, we've decided to inflict them our own kids. The reality is that the true meanings behind these messages that parents tell their kids are often not as straightforward as they appear to be. Following are the top 10 phrases that parents use on their kids, and what they really mean.
11/13/2012 05:17 EST
Stop Using Kids as Door-to-Door Alamy

Stop Using Kids as Door-to-Door Fundraisers

Who hasn't bought some waxy, chocolate-covered almonds from a kid that was selling them door-to-door? As schools are increasingly looking for ways to raise funds due to funding cutbacks and otherwise, the topic of fundraising- by-child is not going away anytime soon. This model for getting money into the schools' coffers may be effective, but at what cost?
10/03/2012 08:16 EDT
The Stunningly Beautiful Belle

The Stunningly Beautiful Belle Province

A lifelong Torontonian, I've seen startlingly little of the rest of our beautiful country, a reality of which I'm not proud. This reality was the impetus behind my most recent family travel venture. With the summer quickly winding down and Labour Day beckoning, I boarded a train with the family and headed East. La Belle Province was our destination, Montreal to be exact.
09/18/2012 12:30 EDT
Why I Refuse to Read Fifty Shades of AP

Why I Refuse to Read Fifty Shades of Grey

Is it abnormal to be generally embarrassed by the overall heaving and titillation that accompanies the mere mention of this book's title? The whole thing is a bit over the top, even more so now that the book has been officially cited as "Mommy Porn."
07/27/2012 02:28 EDT