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Samantha Nutt, MD

Samantha Nutt is an award winning humanitarian and bestselling author. She is the Founder of War Child USA and Canada.

Samantha Nutt is an award-winning humanitarian, medical doctor, bestselling author and acclaimed public speaker. Nutt’s debut and acclaimed non-fiction book Damned Nations: Greed Guns, Armies and Aid was released by McClelland and Stewart Ltd. (Random House) was a national #1 bestseller in both hard cover and trade paperback. She is also one of the busiest and most sought-after public speakers in North America, touring Canada and the USA to speak to a wide range of audiences on current affairs, conflict, international aid, women and foreign policy. Nutt is a featured foreign affairs panelist on the acclaimed news program, appearing regularly on CBC TV NEWS “The National with Peter Mansbridge.” Her written work has been published by Maclean’s Magazine, Reuters, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Ottawa Citizen and The Huffington Post, among many others, and she has appeared in More Magazine, Marie Claire, and on NBC Nightly News, BBC World News Service, CBC, CTV, Global Television, WGN, and NPR, to name just a few. She is the Founder of War Child Canada and USA, and commutes between Toronto and New York.
Why Military Action Won't Eliminate

Why Military Action Won't Eliminate Terrorism

Challenging the wisdom of charging into a region the West has shown a reckless propensity to misunderstand is not cowardly -- it is prudent. Innocent people are indeed dying and have already died, but will our bombs "save" them? Probably not. In fact, there's a risk they may accelerate the killing. Asking these questions is not naive. Not asking them is downright foolish.
11/25/2014 05:27 EST
Foreign Aid Under

Foreign Aid Under Siege

It's hard to see the logic in Obama's decision to reduce its aid budget. Even Bush -- and it is painful to eat these words as I write them -- was more of an aid enthusiast. And this is to say nothing of Canada, which has opted to freeze aid levels for the next five years.
11/26/2011 08:18 EST
South Sudan: Steady as She

South Sudan: Steady as She Blows?

After decades of war, the transition to peace in the world's newest country was expected to be rocky. But in some areas, it's been downright apocalyptic.
09/30/2011 04:52 EDT