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Samara Perez

Doctoral Student

Samara Perez is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, at McGill University, supervised of Dr.Zeev Rosbeger. She completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours, Psychology) at the University of Western Ontario. Her area of research is in health psychology, specifically in psychosocial oncology. She is interested in decision-making of adolescents, young adults, and parents of children who are eligible to receive the HPV vaccine. Her current aims to understand what are the psychosocial factors associated with the different stages of vaccine decision-making? She is profoundly hopeful that her research will help to prevent cancer and ultimately, validate her commitment to making an impact on improving the quality of life of others.
Menchie's Forgot to Ask: How Do You Say

Menchie's Forgot to Ask: How Do You Say "Sweet Moosic" in French?

The Office Quebecoise de la Langue Francaise has opened an investigation into the yogurt chain Menchie's. The issue: The plastic spoons are embossed with English words. At a certain point, Quebec citizens must ask: Can we sleep at night despite knowing that a spoon is not 100% <em>bilingue</em>?
06/25/2013 12:24 EDT
Helping the Fight Against Cancer, One Outspoken Celeb at a

Helping the Fight Against Cancer, One Outspoken Celeb at a Time

What Angelina Jolie and Michael Douglas have in common is that both are using their celebrity status to bring attention to the very realistic threat of cancer. For now, we must rely on celebrities to get the public's attention about important health threats. Both celebrities have provoked discussion, but where do we go from here?
06/13/2013 12:06 EDT