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Sandeep Prasad

Executive Director, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Sandeep Prasad is the Executive Director of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, a progressive, pro-choice charitable organization committed to advancing and upholding sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and globally.
If Canada Really Believes In Equality, Bill C-16 Must Sean Kilpatrick/CP

If Canada Really Believes In Equality, Bill C-16 Must Pass

Our government has a duty to protect the human rights of all people. Laws that seek to enshrine those rights and protect us from discrimination should be considered without hesitation. If enacted into law, Bill C-16 will protect some of the most marginalized people in Canada and so, it is with all our might that we need to support its passing.
05/17/2017 11:19 EDT
Now Is The Time To Decriminalize Sex Chris Wattie / Reuters

Now Is The Time To Decriminalize Sex Work

In 2017, sex workers in Canada continue to live and work in unsafe conditions, face predatory and state violence, immigration raids, deportation, surveillance and arrest as well as see their human rights violated. Meaningful sex work law reform in Canada is long due.
04/24/2017 05:30 EDT
Canada Is Finally Moving Forward On Trans Chris Wattie / Reuters

Canada Is Finally Moving Forward On Trans Rights

The gender identity and expression bill is long overdue, with similar bills having already been introduced seven times before. But what makes this a cause for celebration is that for the first time, it's the government who is tabling the bill. Unlike previous private members' bills, this one is much more likely to pass. This bill would go a long way toward equal protections for all trans people across Canada, and could be a promising example to follow for provinces and territories who haven't yet adopted similar protections.
05/24/2016 04:58 EDT
Canada Is Fighting To End Sexual Violence Everywhere (But Sami Sarkis via Getty Images

Canada Is Fighting To End Sexual Violence Everywhere (But Here)

What the media -- and many Canadians -- fail to understand is that when the abuser is someone you know, sexual violence becomes especially complicated. Complex personal and emotional relationships often make cutting ties difficult, undesirable, even dangerous. Still, Canada's court system relies on an outdated understanding of sexual violence as an experience faced by a "perfect victim" at the hands of a "bad stranger."
04/07/2016 03:05 EDT
Trudeau Must Put Pro-Choice Into The Phil Walter via Getty Images

Trudeau Must Put Pro-Choice Into The Budget

A key part of being feminist is respecting all people's choices about their own bodies. While a gender-balanced cabinet is a step in the right direction, there is no such thing as gender equality without bodily autonomy. If women aren't able to make decisions about their own bodies, equality is null and void.
03/18/2016 10:40 EDT
When Will Governments Stop Targeting Women's Getty

When Will Governments Stop Targeting Women's Bodies?

Last week, the United States Center for Disease Control issued a warning directed specifically to women about alcohol consumption. Shortly after, a report published by the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada stated that "women can be more vulnerable to sexual assault or other violence when drinking beyond their capacity" -- neglecting to include any warnings for men or specify anything about the actual perpetrators of sexual violence. Let's talk about that.
02/11/2016 06:01 EST
What's Your Relationship AlexRaths via Getty Images

What's Your Relationship Status?

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our universal health care system. But the reality is that it isn't reaching everyone. Unless we work together to build the relationships that foster good health, people and communities across Canada will continue to be left out of the "universal" health care system. So here is what we are doing about it.
02/09/2016 12:24 EST
How One Drug Could Change Abortion Access In MCT via Getty Images

How One Drug Could Change Abortion Access In Canada

People across Canada and globally choose to end pregnancies for many different reasons. What's important is that they have options to safely carry out the decision they have made. While there are still major barriers, in Canada at last, these options are expanding. Or they will, if outdated Health Canada policies don't threaten to limit accessibility to medicine this country sorely needs.
01/11/2016 05:22 EST
All Workers Deserve Equal Access To Paid Sick Jupiterimages via Getty Images

All Workers Deserve Equal Access To Paid Sick Days

Millions of workers across Ontario lack access to paid sick days and job protection. For many, taking a sick day is simply not an option. This gap in access to an important protection disproportionately affects people in low-wage jobs and precarious work, a sure signal about the unfairness of employment standards.
11/17/2015 12:14 EST
There Are Still Many Barriers to Abortion in Spauln

There Are Still Many Barriers to Abortion in Canada

Abortion stigma is fueled by myths. Myths that place safe, legal and accessible care and services out of reach for people worldwide and deny those who are weighing their options the evidence-based and judgment free information they need to make the choice that is right for them.
09/27/2015 08:06 EDT
No Province Should Deny Women Getty Images

No Province Should Deny Women Abortions

In the recent P.E.I. case, the woman, who had been advised to seek ER medical attention by the province's emergency information telephone service and who had begun to experience cramps and bleeding while waiting, was told by the ER physician to go out-of-province, to Halifax, if she wanted to receive the necessary post-abortion care -- Halifax is over 300 km away, with a round-trip bus ticket costing over $100.00. Restricted access to abortion, compounded with physicians who do not fulfill their professional duty to provide patients with timely and effective referrals or necessary service in emergency cases, creates life-threatening situations that could otherwise be avoided
06/04/2015 08:03 EDT
Speaking Up for Ontario's New michaeljung via Getty Images

Speaking Up for Ontario's New Curriculum

Talking about consent from a very early age is about giving children and youth choices and reminding them every day that their body belongs to them; that they are in charge of what happens with/to their own bodies. Sexual health doesn't happen in a vacuum and it's about more than the birds and the bees. The well-researched and evidence-based curriculum that is being introduced broadens a narrow definition of health and to us it's a positive step forward.
03/27/2015 05:54 EDT