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Sandra Charron

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I'm a postpartum nurse, recently diagnosed with mental illness. I will share my stories whether you want to read them or not. Stopping the stigma of mental illness now.
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Let's Talk About Mental Illness Every Day, Not Only On January 27th

This is a time when sharing that you haven't been able to get out of bed for the past three days because of crippling depression is not only acceptable, it's appreciated by all who know the same searing pain of the illness. These days leading up to Bell Let's Talk day on January 27th comprise a massive support system unlike any other seen throughout the year.
01/26/2016 01:52 EST
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5 Things People with Mental Illnesses Can Do

I've realized that false representations of mental illnesses are more common than the promotion of their actuality. In order to smash some of the misconceptions about mental illness and the people who live with them, read on to find out what people with mental illness can actually do.
09/24/2015 05:52 EDT

Stigma of Mental Illness Cuts Deeper For Canada's Aboriginal People

I recently attended a mental health first aid course in order to further educate myself on the various mental illness disorders, the consequences of their severity and their overall prevalence in the population -- My eyes were opened to an entire population of our Canadian people whose rate of suicide was too horrifying to further ignore. As statistics related to aboriginal suicides were listed, I realized that this war being waged against the stigma of mental illness is but one of the many battles that will need to be addressed honestly in order to understand the magnitude of the affliction our mentally ill population is facing. As communities of aboriginals are fighting an invisible disease, society can dismiss the reality of the stigma by citing drugs and alcohol as the weak link in this people's history.
09/10/2015 12:25 EDT

The Death of Robin Williams Was in Vain

I'm writing this a few days after the anniversary of the death of Robin Williams. I know it's a little late and this post would have been more appropriate on August 11, rather than now. But I've spent...
08/16/2015 08:47 EDT

Please Don't Tell Me You Can Cure My Mental Illness

Writing about mental illness invites information -- sometimes informed, sometimes not so informed -- from people who will claim that they too once suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, bipolar types I or II, schizophrenia; and will claim to have the cure to one or all of these.
07/13/2015 05:45 EDT
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My Eating Disorder Made Me a Worse Mother

A few days ago, I came across a blog post in which the blogger made a comment about how each roll of skin on her tummy represented a happy moment with her family in which she enjoyed that chocolate cake at her child's birthday party or had skipped the Jillian Michael's exercise DVD that morning so she could sit on the floor and colour with her daughter. For the first time in my life, the realization of my sick mindset entrenched in the lost, wasted, hungry hours I chose in order to be the thinnest mom on the block finally beat me over the head with a barbell.
07/07/2015 05:30 EDT

Early Detection for Mental Illness Is a Must

Through proper medical care, attentive support systems, regimented medication reviews and more importantly, early detection of mental illnesses and relapses targeted at children and families, mental illness can minimally affect the lives of everyone it touches. This shouldn't be of surprise and yet, it will be
06/22/2015 12:26 EDT

Mental Illness Is Blind to Socioeconomic Class Distinctions

Before any social progress can be made, mental illness has to be acknowledged as a real and powerful determinant of health which affects all social classes, but plays a greater role not only in the lives of those who are displaced, but in some cases also contributes to their displacement and state of living. It is those living on the streets who are the most affected by the stigma associated with mental illness. Yet the stigma is alive and well for those of us who are fortunate enough to continue working or have a strong support system advocating for us while we too struggle to climb the walls of our own personal hell.
06/14/2015 10:36 EDT
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Mental Health Awareness Needs the Support of a Powerful Movement

As a society, we are comfortable with what we know and see. Mental illness is not often seen and too few know about it. Those who are mentally ill and seeking treatment are not only dealing with the signs and symptoms of the disease attacking their mind, but also the rejection from the teams of mental health professionals, themselves drowning beneath the paralyzing weight of bureaucracy. Unfortunately, this leaves families alone, scared, overworked, and dejected by a lack of commitment and compassion from the department of Canadian health care that is most knowledgeable about their respective illnesses.
05/25/2015 12:13 EDT

Pink's Confidence in Her Post-Baby Body Gives Me Hope

To be happy not only with the squishy parts of my body but also to simply have so much self-worth that happiness is not directly correlated to my efforts to control my weight is such a foreign concept, and yet, I can't help but feel envy for those who, like Pink, do not rely on their daily caloric intake for their sense of identity.
04/16/2015 12:51 EDT
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My Eating Disorder Is Aggravated By Advertising

Fighting an eating disorder is lifelong. And I realize this every time I think my mind is finally free. This week when I was navigating Twitter, I came across a tweet claiming a product which guaranteed weight loss of 20 lbs in 24 days. As someone who has valiantly tried to accomplish this, I finally realized that an eating disorder, although a mental illness, is aggravated by the bacteria in the environment disguised in the shape of advertising.
04/04/2015 09:15 EDT
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Why I Wish I Had Breastfed My Kids

I was one of those women who proudly proclaimed, "I bottle fed my kids and they're all fine." And they are fine. The thing is though, now that I work as a postpartum nurse, a great percentage of my time on the unit is spent teaching and assisting new moms. And I get breastfeeding now. I totally could have rocked this gig. But I didn't because I was too tired.
02/28/2015 07:57 EST