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Sandra Hanna

Co-founder of the Smart Cookies and savings expert

Sandra Hanna is the CEO of Smart Cookies, the bold movement among thousands in North America who are living debt free – without surrendering their sanity or social lives. Only a few years ago this dynamic money maven was, self admittedly “a complete financial disaster”, but today she is debt free and living a life she once thought was only imaginable; owning her dream home, running an admired business and loving every chaotic, messy, but always beautiful, moment with her husband and new baby boy.
Make The Most Of Your Holiday shutterstock

Make The Most Of Your Holiday Budget

Recent data from predicts that Canadians will spend an average of $1,425 per household during the holidays. To help keep your budget in check, check out these six tips for holiday spending this festive season.
12/08/2015 04:32 EST
5 Tips to Stretch Your Dollar This Feng Yu via Getty Images

5 Tips to Stretch Your Dollar This Summer

With the unlucky loonie continuing to drop, Canadians are pinching their pennies and watching their savings. According to a recent survey from digital offers site, 73 per cent of Canadians are worried about the nation's economy. However, a little savvy spending will help to satisfy needs and wants.
07/28/2015 08:11 EDT