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Sandra MacGregor


Sandra MacGregor is a Canadian writer presently based in Cape Town, South Africa where she is slowly (but happily) fulfilling her promise to personally visit every single one of the country’s 600 wineries. Her work has been featured in such publications as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Star and the UK Telegraph.
10 Things I Wish I Asked my Mom Before She

10 Things I Wish I Asked my Mom Before She Died

I didn't make it home from South Africa in time to see my mom before she died. Here, back in Canada, in the house where I spent most of my youth, sorting through her things to give to charity, I am overwhelmed by questions I wish I had asked her. In appreciation of both my mother's sensitive spirit and her sense of humour, here are the top 10 questions I wished I had asked my mom before she died.
11/14/2012 08:22 EST