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Sandy Kovacs

Advocating for things that matter

Sandy Kovacs is a second generation Canadian and a lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a committed volunteer to the legal profession. She has served as President of the Vancouver Bar Association (2010-2011) and currently serves as President of the Lawyers’ Inn Society.
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Canadian Lives Will Not Be at Risk by Welcoming Syrian Refugees

The Harper government's attempt to frighten voters should be recognized for what it is -- baseless propaganda designed to woo votes in the midst of an election. While there will undoubtedly be some undesirables in the refugee crowd, our immigration processes are perfectly capable of flagging and filtering out those risks. Canadian lives will not be threatened if we let in Syrian refugees. The irony, however, is that the lives of Canadians and our European friends may well be threatened if we do not. The tide of undocumented refugees will continue to flow into Europe if we fail to provide an alternative exit to those refugees still struggling to survive in camps in Turkey and elsewhere in the Middle East.
09/15/2015 05:21 EDT
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Refugees Like My Parents May Be the Best Investment Canada Makes

My family came here with only the belongings they could carry with them to give themselves and their children an opportunity to have a better life. Within one generation, I achieved a law degree. I have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the Canadian community. I am but one example of thousands, evidence that should easily persuade you to conclude that assistance to refugees is a solid investment in the future of our nation, and not simply an act of charity.
09/05/2015 09:14 EDT