Sang Kim

Restaurateur, Writer

I am a restaurateur and writer.

I am the owner of YAKITORI BAR and SEOUL FOOD CO., and was behind some of the best known modern Japanese and Korean restaurant concepts in Canada.


I am the recipient of the 2013 Gloria Vanderbilt-Exile Short Story Prize for my story, "When John Lennon Died", which is anthologized in Exile Quarterly's CVC Anthology, as well as THE STORIES THAT ARE GREAT WITHIN US.

My latest writing project, WOODY ALLEN ATE MY KIMCHI, is a candid and hilarious look (or so I think) behind-the-scenes at some of the top restaurants in Ontario.

I am co-organizer of REEL EATS, a monthly gastronomic, film, and storytelling event taking place at some of the top restaurant venues in the GTA on one gloriously delicious night.

I am also co-director of the SMALL PRESS OF TORONTO (SPoT), a bi-annual book fair in a variety of venues across the city of Toronto, celebrating small press writers and publishers from all over the country.

I am the creator/host of COOK/BOOK a photography and cookbook project that includes some of Canada’s most prominent and emerging writers preparing their favourite meals.

I run SUSHI MAKING FOR THE SOUL, Toronto's most popular sushi-making class, as well as a monthly kimchi-making class,
How Death Changed Our

How Death Changed Our Child

After receiving word that our daughter's sobo (grandmother) had passed away in Japan, her mother and I discussed whether we should engage our daughter in the potentially traumatic Buddhist rituals around her sobo's cremated body? We were mindful of the gravity of the experience and knew that it would be a watershed moment in our daughter's life. In the end, we thought she was ready. So did she, our brave eight year-old. We were all wrong. When she came back, my daughter was no longer the same child I said goodbye to at the airport three weeks ago.
07/12/2013 03:29 EDT