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Sara Akrami


Sara Akrami is a graduate Honours Political Science student and columnist from York University in Toronto. She is the author of various research articles about the sponsorship of terrorism by the Iranian government for the National Post, Jerusalem Post, Huffington Post, Front Page Magazine, Prince Arthur Herald, and Foreign Policy Association. In her articles, she interviews professors, media personalities, and writers. Her areas of interest are politics, foreign policy, international security, and history. She has had media features on the Voice of America and Canada's Sun TV.
The Value in Teaching

The Value in Teaching Anti-Semitism

Growing up in Iran has helped me to see many similarities between the Third Reich's propaganda system and the propaganda system that is currently employed by Iranian clerics -- they both justify hatred and especially anti-Semitism.
07/06/2015 12:22 EDT
Iran's State-Sponsored Oppression of

Iran's State-Sponsored Oppression of Kurdistan

Although the Iranian government officials claim that terrorism is strange to them, an immense weight of example shows that orchestrated terrorism inside and outside Iran has been a major factor in practice of the regime.
09/14/2014 09:09 EDT
ISIS Has Shifted Into Second

ISIS Has Shifted Into Second Gear

For those who have not being paying attention, the great Jihad is continuing but with the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), it has finally shifted into second gear. By now it should be evident to anyone but the most callow and most blinkered of us that there is an ideologically-driven evil loose on the world.
09/04/2014 12:48 EDT
Iran: State of

Iran: State of Terror

Assassination has been always one of the outreach tools of the ayatollahs and their government in Iran since the early days of the Revolution. One of the significant terrorist attacks by Iranian government agents occurred in a Berlin restaurant named Mykonos on September 17, 1992.
09/20/2013 08:18 EDT
In Iran, Government By Murder Won't Change With a New

In Iran, Government By Murder Won't Change With a New President

Authoritarian governments almost always use a culture of terror and violence to intimidate or eliminate their opponents. The Islamic Republic of Iran is no different. The country might have a new president today, but sponsorship of terrorism will remain as one of the key tools of the state.
07/16/2013 12:39 EDT