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Sara Graham

Entrepreneur | World Traveler | Yoga Teacher

Sara Graham produces high quality content for boutique businesses, Fortune 500 companies, as well as social action campaigns.
She is also the author of How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind.
When it comes to travel, Sara's beat is relatable luxury: booking boutique hotels that don't break the bank; eating and drinking like a local; discovering what the thinking traveler wants to do in destinations around the world. She draws from a bank of rich experiences ranging from rafting adventures in New Zealand and hiking in Honduras, to hanging out in Brooklyn and brunching in Bermuda.

Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and find her @freshpresse on Twitter
and Instagram.
A Fantastical French Road bbsferrari via Getty Images

A Fantastical French Road Trip

A weekend exploring the region of Brittany, France should be on your summer travel list. I am about to take you on the same road trip I recently went on in this ages old land -- rich with history, fresh food, and a fantastic future that's all packed into wonderful little journeys.
05/05/2017 02:25 EDT
Escaping Winter In Southern Sara Graham

Escaping Winter In Southern Europe

A recent trip to Spain and Portugal was part winter escape and part recon mission as my fiance and I are exploring options for our next relocation. That said, we were in a less passive mode than a pro...
01/11/2017 12:18 EST
How To Plan A Wedding In Kuzmichstudio via Getty Images

How To Plan A Wedding In Italy

My partner of almost five years and I are planning a wedding celebration in Italy. Not because I am chasing the aforementioned goal, and not because we want to be fancy, but because half the guest list is already there. So there's my Mario, who is, as you may have guessed, very Italian. For many, this will be a destination wedding and a chance to experience Italy. That said, the biggest challenge presents itself. With all the venue options under the Tuscan sun, how the heck does a girl choose?
09/12/2016 08:56 EDT
48 Hours In scottnz via Getty Images

48 Hours In Melbourne

In writing my guidebook on how to relocate abroad, I came across all sorts of statistics indicating that Melbourne was one of the top spots to make a big move. As luck would have it, my brothers gifted a mini-break in the city for my 40th birthday.
03/15/2016 03:08 EDT
What To Sip, Savour And See In Getty

What To Sip, Savour And See In Stockholm

No doubt this Scandinavian city shines in the summer, but there are a myriad of reasons it merits a look between October and April. Turns out, when the temperatures drop outside, there's no lack of heat inside. In November, we decided to give it a full 24 hours.
01/04/2016 03:06 EST
How to Spend a Week in Czech Republic - Beyond Uyen Le via Getty Images

How to Spend a Week in Czech Republic - Beyond Prague

With a relocation to Sweden fast approaching, my partner and I were looking forward to wrapping up work (and packing) and living like it was our last chance to experience the Czech Republic. Who knows if we'll ever be back, and after 16 months in Prague, we wanted to take advantage of a bit more of the country.
09/09/2015 08:25 EDT
4 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft While roberthyrons via Getty Images

4 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft While Travelling

As a frequent flyer, and having relocated to two different countries in as many years, I am always hyper aware of where the important things are. Whether in transit or working at a local café, I am constantly checking that I am in possession of three things at all times - my smartphone, my wallet and my MacBook Air.
08/13/2015 05:37 EDT