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Sara Hennessey

Stand-up comedian

SARA HENNESSEY is a Toronto based stand up comedian extraordinaire! STAR of Fuse TV & Much Music’s 'VIDEO ON TRIAL', Sara has opened for Maria Bamford (Comedians of Comedy, Tim & Eric), Andy Kindler (David Letterman, Bob's Burgers), and Canada's own Debra DiGiovanni (Last Comic Standing, Video On Trial). Sara has appeared on The Jon Dore Television Show, now contributes to Huffington Post Canada, and to the CBC Radio show 'Day 6'. Over the years, Sara has rocked people’s lives with various live solo Fringe Festival shows, earning her many an accolade. So be sure to check out her hilarious web-series ‘Goodbye Sara Hennessey’ on your computing machines.
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I'm a Sad-ult

I'm a Sad-ult Now...

Listen, I am no decorator; I have a beanbag chair with an X-marks-the-spot slab of duck tape from 2001. But I like to fantasize about a life with tasteful driftwood wall decor. I want people to describe my place as "rustic, yet modern." Not "OK," and, "is that a shower curtain over your window?"
04/05/2012 10:08 EDT

50/50 Indeed

In <em>50/50</em>, Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a young man with 50/50 odds of surviving cancer. He is comforted by his 25-year-old therapist Katie, played by <em>Twilight</em>'s Anna Kendrick. WHAT? More like 50/50: the odds of us believing she is a legitimate doctor! No therapist should ever be born in the '80s.
09/21/2011 01:22 EDT