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Sara M. Grimes

Associate professor of children's digital games, toys, media & culture

Dr. Sara M. Grimes is a professor with the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. She teaches and researches in the areas of children’s digital games, media, literature and culture. She has presented and published work analyzing various facets of children’s digital culture, the technologization of play, as well as the legal and ethical dimensions of online advertising and transmedia marketing strategies targeting children. Her current research explores children's DIY media, in collaboration with a team of leading industry and academic experts in children's media production and research. She is also writing a book that examines key trends and emerging issues in children's online games, to be published with the University of Toronto Press.
When it Comes to Gendered Toys, the Pink Aisle Is Still Alive and YouTube

When it Comes to Gendered Toys, the Pink Aisle Is Still Alive and Well

Toys and gender have been a pretty hot topic lately, with various movements to de-gender segregate the toy aisle gaining momentum on both sides of the Atlantic. Enter GoldieBlox. The toy's creator has been very vocal about the fact that GoldieBlox was designed to "disrupt the pink aisle." Instead, it does anything but.
12/13/2013 09:15 EST