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Sara Waxman

Publisher, editor in chief, DINE Magazine

An award-winning restaurant critic and food/travel writer, Sara has eaten her way through much of the free world over the past 30 years, and has written about it in books, newspapers and magazines. <br> <br> With four best-selling cook-books and restaurant guides to her credit; restaurant critic at the <em>Toronto Sun</em> for 25 years, weekly columnist at the <em>Financial Post</em> and <em>National Post</em>; contributing editor at <em>Flare</em>, <em>enRoute</em>, <em>Elle</em>, <em>Weekly Scoop</em> magazines, <em>Fodors Travel Guides</em>; Vice-Chair and member of the Ontario Film Review Board for 10 years; instructor, Ryerson University School of Continuing Education, her experiences have culminated in <em>DINE magazine</em> where she is publisher and editor in chief.
It's All About

It's All About Me

There is a calm cohesiveness in today's wardrobe, an unstructured connection of favourite pieces -- and yet this eclectic selection reflects the individual psyche. Age is no longer a factor. People have the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin, their own clothes and their own bodies, to have fun, to enjoy.
12/30/2011 09:05 EST
The Scent of a

The Scent of a Truffle

Find a truffle and it's like finding money buried in the ground. Depending on quality, white truffles the size of a walnut to a grapefruit sell for about $200 per ounce. The dealer has disappeared. Deals are consummated outside, around the corner, out of view. I did not see either truffle or euro change hands.
10/31/2011 12:23 EDT

Chocolate Addiction

To suggest that chocolate is as good as sex is not as outrageous as it seems. The fact is it's reputed to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.
06/21/2011 12:10 EDT