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Sarah Attia

Canadian Mother

Sarah Attia was born and raised in Canada, where she did her undergraduate and master’s degrees in chemical engineering at the University of Toronto. She is married to Canadian permanent resident Khaled Al-Qazzaz, also a University of Toronto alumnus. Post graduation, they moved to Egypt to open an international school promoting the Canadian values of volunteerism and community contribution. Sarah remains the principal of the school.

After protesting with Sarah during the Arab Spring, Khaled worked as a staffer in the presidential office working on foreign affairs, human rights and women empowerment. Khaled was among the thousands detained illegally without charge during the military coup. He has been held under inhumane conditions since his imprisonment on July 3rd, 2013. Sarah has been speaking to the Canadian public and Members of Parliament to urge them to call for her husband’s release. She and Khaled have four young children together.
My Husband's Been Detained in Egypt 320 Days Without Sarah Attia

My Husband's Been Detained in Egypt 320 Days Without Charge

I have four children, and when any of them asks about their father, I am always at a loss for words. My husband Khaled Al-Qazzaz has been detained in Egypt without charge for over 320 days. He is being held in the country's most notorious jail - Tora Prison. He is trapped for 23 hours of the day in solitary confinement, spending his time in a two meter by two metre insect-infested cell with blood stains on the walls. His health is quickly deteriorating. Today, as a Canadian mother of four Canadian children, I am asking my fellow citizens to join me in my call on the government to speak up.
06/04/2014 12:20 EDT