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Sarah Beech

Consultant. Activist. Scholar.


Sarah believes in eradicating racism, anti-Black racism and violence against women. Her work in social justice has led her to speak at various institutions, conferences and events.

Sarah is also a marketing bizwiz, named one Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 marketing professionals. She has worked with many global brands and not-for profit organizations. Sarah is also the Founder and Principal Consultant at esbe Consulting where she works with clients to help them envision, strategize, brand and execute their evolution.

Hate Lives In Canada Rawpixel Ltd via Getty Images

Hate Lives In Canada Too

Canadians need to stop being polite about their racism and start owning it. Resist the urge to get defensive of multiculturalism and realize not everyone experiences Canada in the same way. Multiculturalism alone cannot mitigate prejudice, not without action. Canada is not devoid of racism because of our multiculturalism and the 'Trump Effect' must not eclipse the domestic racism that has long existed in this country.
11/17/2016 06:21 EST
Viral Images Of Police Violence Have Numbed Us Into Pacific Press via Getty Images

Viral Images Of Police Violence Have Numbed Us Into Silence

Another depiction of police brutality against a black man caught on tape, sparks outrage among black Canadians and the cycle of violence begins anew: a black person murdered by police is captured on video, the video goes viral and no changes are made to policing strategies or tactics. More importantly, no one is held accountable. Rather, the cycle of violence continues on an administrative level: SIU documents are concealed, police officers go unnamed; are seldom reprimanded and the victim's family and the black community never get justice.
07/26/2016 04:15 EDT