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Sarah Bolen

Registered Yoga Teacher

Sarah Bolen is a registered yoga teacher and the community Manager at RTR Media. She is also the host of the popular Youtube series, called Surviving Yoga on CoralTV.
Sarah uses yoga to stay healthy, fit, grounded, focused and motivated in her everyday life.

Yoga Breathing Technique From The Top Of Machu Picchu

Without a conscious focus on breath, a yoga practice will become strained and challenging. In yoga, breathing techniques are referred to as pranayama. Breath is life, and yet an active focus on the breath throughout everyday life is often ignored.
12/11/2012 08:26 EST

Intimidated by Yoga? Here's How To Get Started

With so many different styles of yoga being offered at studios, there is definitely a style that is right for you. Although yoga can be a great activity for all people of all body types it can be difficult and at times intimidating to get started. As with all things in life, if you are prepared you are more likely to enjoy yourself and be successful. Here is a list of steps you can take that will hopefully increase your chances of having a positive first time yoga experience!
09/13/2012 11:56 EDT