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Sarah Desjardins is a Petawawa, ON-based mother, teacher, army wife, and craft blogger. You can find her regularly at, where she blogs about everything from her glitter addiction to activities that will keep your kids busy.
As a Conservative Mom, I Still Support Sex Ed in PA/Alamy

As a Conservative Mom, I Still Support Sex Ed in Schools

In my province (Ontario), the government is currently revamping the sex ed curriculum, and it has the conservative circles in which I travel up in arms. They are deeply offended that the government is taking the teaching of sex ed out of the control of the parents and into the classrooms. I get that, I truly do. I want my daughter to know my beliefs and convictions about this matter, and she will, but she also needs to learn them at school. Why? Until each and every parent can tell me they have taught their children what consent is and looks like, when sex is okay, what healthy sex looks like, I will continue to support sex ed in our schools -- because there is no way I can raise my daughters in a world of kids who learned about sex from the Internet.
02/26/2015 05:42 EST