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Sarah Hildreth Rankin

Communications Professional, Student

Sarah Hildreth Rankin is a media & communication professional and current student at Royal Roads University in Victoria. Originally from Alberta, Sarah grew up in Edmonton and lived in Jasper National Park before settling on the west coast. She has fulfilled her dream of riding the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing and ran her first full marathon last year. Sarah is a non-political junkie learning the issues and sharing her findings.
B.C. Election 2013: What I Want To Hear From The

B.C. Election 2013: What I Want To Hear From The NDP

The official May 14 election campaign kicks off Tuesday and it's a scary thought to be this invested in the outcome. I may have won my March Madness pool with a solid bracket last week, but I'm having a far more challenging time assessing two contending political parties than picking one winning basketball team out of 64 for the NCAA championship.
04/15/2013 05:47 EDT
B.C. Politics Has All The

B.C. Politics Has All The Drama!

For a newbie, it's a lot to keep up with, especially after a week's break from the election proceedings. But I've learnt the hard way: you can't turn your back on politics for one moment or you're lost. Pretty much where I'm sitting right now. After a full day of political catch up, I'm still working my inner Nancy Drew trying to make sense of the past few days of mayhem, and what the online community has labeled #EthnicGate.
03/04/2013 07:16 EST
A Political Newbie Tackles The B.C.

A Political Newbie Tackles The B.C. Election

With the May 14 provincial election approaching, I have decided that this time is going to be different; this time I will be informed. Becoming politically savvy evokes anxiety for an amateur like me. I have to sift through an overload of messages, rhetoric, jargon, and buzzwords. I can't compete with the political junkie, and I don't intend to. I just want to make sense of the basics.
02/14/2013 07:23 EST