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Sarah MacDonald is a freelance writer, web editor, and feelings-catcher living in Toronto. You can catch her all over the Internet.
An App About Consent Won't Make Us Better Image Source via Getty Images

An App About Consent Won't Make Us Better Communicators

Let's talk about a new app called Good2Go, which is a head-scratcher, and is meant to promote discussion about sex. I'm questioning why we would use an app to talk about sex, sexual consent, sexual behaviours, and more, when, if I'm not making too steep an assumption, we should be able to do those things without the help of our mobile phones.
10/01/2014 12:51 EDT
If Married Dads Are Safer, Why Was Mine Getty

If Married Dads Are Safer, Why Was Mine Abusive?

A few days ago The Washington Post published an atrociously skewed and deeply troubling piece on one of the reasons why women are victims of violence, which turned out to be a validation for the nuclear family just in time for Father's Day. But what about the women like me who have grown up in that traditional family unit and have still been part of a violent life?
06/12/2014 12:44 EDT
My NSFW Sext-Only Relationship Made 'Her' Seem ASSOCIATED PRESS

My NSFW Sext-Only Relationship Made 'Her' Seem Not-So-Distant

The almost two and a half years I've been involved with this one person via t/sext is not unlike the snapshot of our social/sexual future in Her. The difference here could be that I met the person first and then he became an object, a machine, and a mechanism of pleasure. But isn't that the kind of thing we've already become accustomed to anyway? The shift from a potential real life lover to a simulated one was rather easy. I ask myself what is/was the value of not having that real life interaction. He is pixilated arms and legs and has no face.
01/18/2014 08:02 EST