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Sarah Neville

Principal, OpenLine,

Sarah Neville is the founder and Principal of Open Line, and an acclaimed speaker, writer, and educator who specializes in helping individuals communicate with power, authority and authenticity - while bridging difference with others.
Sarah combines rigorous research, irreverent humour, and an experiential and creative approach to learning. With expertise in Women’s Leadership Communication, and diversity and inclusion, she has designed and delivered engaging educational experiences in virtually every sector, from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.
Sarah helps organizations to drive innovation by bringing a range of voices to the table. Her research focuses on how workplace learning can be part of larger societal changes. When employees can effectively bridge difference, everyone can be fully seen and heard in the workplace. When we can bring our whole selves to work, everyone wins.

Sarah Neville is based in Toronto and serves individuals and teams across North America.
The Terrifying Effectiveness Of Trump's

The Terrifying Effectiveness Of Trump's Communications

As professional communicators who advise others on how to improve their ability to connect with audiences, Shari Graydon and Sarah Neville have watched the astonishing ascension of political neophyte and insult-machine Donald Trump with dropped jaws. Here's their conversation about the lessons to be learned from his fearless communication style.
08/18/2016 08:41 EDT
Is the Choice to Wear a Niqab Really a Women's

Is the Choice to Wear a Niqab Really a Women's Issue?

We live in a culture that sees female modesty as oppressive, 'medieval' at worst, while sexualized ways of dressing are easily accepted, celebrated, even mandated. Look to the restaurant industry for illustrations of women forced to dress in provocative, often uncomfortable clothing as a job requirement.
10/11/2015 09:26 EDT