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Sarah Scott

Mom, wife, writer, kindness advocate, simple living guru.

Sarah Scott wants to live in a world where people sip copious amounts of black tea or red wine on front porches, laundry is self-folding and all books are deep and captivating.
When she's not writing about intentional living or hashing out social justice issues at, you can find her homeschooling her children, tossing items into giveaway boxes or smooching her foxy husband.

"But She's Done Now."

Often I hear my pregnancy being justified in casual conversation. "Yup, that's baby number 4 for Sarah... but she's done now." I'm not sure if that last little bit is tagged on the end to ease the anxiety of the teller or if it's just an interesting little tidbit that seems too juicy not to include, but a lot of people are saying it.
08/15/2016 12:30 EDT
Why Should The Privileged Majority Always John Rensten via Getty Images

Why Should The Privileged Majority Always Rule?

I probably belong to "the majority." I've not really ever had to fight for a right. I cannot recall a time when I have been looked down upon for the colour of my skin, my gender, who I married to or my economic worth. My life has an incredible amount of freedom. Yet I'm not entirely certain I would agree that the majority should always rule.
06/16/2016 02:36 EDT
How To Be Yourself So You Can Be Genuinely

How To Be Yourself So You Can Be Genuinely Loved

A while ago I wrote a blog post about authenticity, you know being your true self no matter what. I worked on it off and on for a few days. Edited some photos. Then hit publish and sent my wisdom abou...
04/04/2016 03:24 EDT