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Sarah Twomey

Financial Writer

Sarah Twomey has been a media/public relations professional with Desjardins Group since 2008. As part of her mandate, she writes personal financial articles that have been published in, the Vancouver Courier, Metro News, 24 Hours, the Calgary Herald, the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Sun, to name a few.

She's also passionate about pop-culture in all its forms (TV, Film, Music, PR Buzz). And each September she turns into a TIFFaholic. As an avid TIFF Patron member and participant, Sarah sees an average of 15 films per festival — more if she's really reluctant to sleep for 10 days straight. Seeing the fest as one big adventure, she also has a knack of meeting random celebs out and about in TO.
How Confident Are You About Retirement

How Confident Are You About Retirement Planning?

How would you rate your retirement planning confidence on a scale of one to five? Are you like the majority who find it very confusing? What would it take to overcome your fear and finally start investing in your future? You can set up a plain and simple saving plan that is so automatic, you won't even notice you're saving.
02/21/2014 05:30 EST
How to Save Enough for

How to Save Enough for Retirement

Are you saving enough for retirement? Over the years that Desjardins Group conducted its retirement survey, two themes always came up: most Canadians avoid retirement planning and they're sure they haven't saved enough. So, how prepared are you?
02/19/2014 12:34 EST
How to Cure the Holiday Financial

How to Cure the Holiday Financial Hangover

Have you noticed that every holiday season, the pressure builds as everyone rushes around buying too much stuff before the Big Day? Then our festive bubble bursts just after New Year's when they announce how much new debt everyone has incurred. And then just as suddenly, the talk turns to RSPs and taxes. The collective anxiety is enough to give everyone a massive ulcer.
02/18/2014 06:12 EST