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Sarah Zelcer

Director of International Programs, Ve’ahavta

Sarah Zelcer is the Director of International Programs at Ve’ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian and Relief Agency. Sarah has worked in Zimbabwe, Guyana, Israel, Haiti, Argentina, Kenya and Tanzania, managing international development and research projects focusing on health and education. Sarah is currently studying at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.
Zimbabwe's Best Surgeon, Ordered Back to Alamy

Zimbabwe's Best Surgeon, Ordered Back to Canada

In a country devastated by the AIDS crisis, The Salvation Army Howard Hospital in Zimbabwe is a shining example of community based cooperation and resilience. Under the leadership of Canadian trained physician Dr. Paul Thistle, this small Zimbabwean hospital has achieved an international reputation. But Thistle's abrupt dismissal from the Howard Hospital has led to a rapid decrease in medical services and has dealt devastating blow to the community. Thistle is the only surgeon in the region, and in his absence most elective and emergency surgery has ceased.
10/19/2012 12:16 EDT