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Sarelle Sheldon


Sarelle Sheldon was born in Thornhill, Ontario in 1990. She is currently studying social work at McGill University after spending time volunteering at an HIV affiliated children’s home in Ghana, Africa.
I'm Not a Victim of Rape, I'm a Vimeo

I'm Not a Victim of Rape, I'm a Survivor

The night of August 27, 2011, I was the victim of rape. A despicable man intentionally took control of my life and my body, over which I had no power. On August 28, 2011, I became a survivor of rape. Although he had control of me at one moment, he no longer does; I control my life. That one night does not define who I am. I am still Sarelle Sheldon, a very petite young woman with a big personality. Who I am, is what has given me the strength to continue to overcome this battle. Who I am, has given me the courage to turn this unjust experience into something bigger that could help others.
05/08/2013 08:29 EDT