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Sari Gabbay

CEO and Creative Director - U2R1 Media, Creative Agency

I love all things beautifully functional and I never live in just one roll. My 13 years of leading creative teams has allowed me to thrive as a business owner, brand and marketing strategist, art director and producer. My love for design started while studying Fashion Marketing at Ryerson University. As a student I took on an internship at Canada’s top fashion magazine - Flare, where I was hands-on in; digital production, copy writing and styling photo-shoots. I worked closely with the various departments, learning the ins and outs of print media and fashion communications.

Being the CEO and CCO of U2R1 Media Inc. a boutique marketing agency, I have created brand strategies and marketing campaigns for many companies ranging in size. From start-ups to major corporations. I love telling a story, seeing that story translate into visuals and watching how that story evokes emotion.

I've worked with some really incredible people and companies. I understand people, what makes them think and feel. Marketing is about emotion. If a person has empathy for their audience they will know how to captivate them.

Remember when Old Spice was your grandfather's cologne? I helped launch their re-brand to a new, younger audience. We created a nation-wide campaign with life-sized, deodorant kiosks equipped with data compiling software.

In 2012 I moved from Toronto to Los Angeles expanding the company into a global entity which has allowed me to launch my client's brands into national and international markets.

Our current focus is on lifestyle, hospitality and product based brands who are looking for someone who can creatively "bring it" and deliver results.
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