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Sasha Nagy

Managing Editor, Video at HuffPost Canada


WATCH: Canadian Media Changing With Technology

As Managing Editor of Huffington Post Canada, Kenny Yum plays a leading role in a new era of Canadian media. He's witnessed first-hand the way technology is transforming the media landscape as newspap...
05/22/2013 04:25 EDT

WATCH: Canadians Are Honest Digital Brokers

Dan Levy thinks it is good to bring a little skepticism to the table, especially when you are talking about the digital marketplace. The Editor of Sparksheet told the AOL Conversation Studio at Dx3 th...
05/08/2013 11:52 EDT

Canadian Narrowly Escapes Boston Marathon Bombing

Chris Kavanagh knows that he was very lucky. Kavanagh, an 62-year old sales consultant from Oakville, Ont. crossed the Boston Marathon finish line Monday, seconds after two explosives detonated, kil...
04/16/2013 04:21 EDT