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Scott E. Bernstein

Lawyer, Pivot Legal Society

Following a long period of world travel and a career as a computer consultant, Scott Bernstein earned a MS in Environmental Studies and came to the practice of law with a passion for social justice and a belief in the dignity of all people and the environment they rely upon. After being called to the B.C. Bar in 2010, Scott opened up his own social justice law practice representing clients on civil, criminal and environmental cases. Scott joined Pivot Legal Society in early 2011. He currently is a staff lawyer working on strategic litigation and advocacy in Pivot's drug policy and housing campaigns.
A Public Vote Shouldn't Decide Drug Users' Access to Health

A Public Vote Shouldn't Decide Drug Users' Access to Health Care

Imagine if your city government decided to take a public vote to determine whether you and your family members should have access to health care. Based on what the public decides about your mother and her illness, and not what her doctors think, your city government says it will pass a bylaw that prevents her and others in her situation from receiving that treatment in their home community. Preposterous and unreasonable? Absolutely.
05/23/2013 11:16 EDT
Laws That Punish Homeless Should Be

Laws That Punish Homeless Should Be Repealed

Over the past weeks, Pivot Legal Society has talked to homeless men in Stanley Park and documented six assaults in the last month. Some of the victims have talked to the police, some have chosen not to report, and instead are finding more isolated places to sleep in an attempt to avoid detection by would-be assailants. This recent series of assaults against homeless men is not surprising in light of research looking at rates of victimization among homeless people.
10/09/2012 05:40 EDT