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Scott Glover

Family man, writer, unpaid Uber driver and portable ATM (my kids added the last 2.)

Scott Glover is a husband, dad, and writer in that order. He has employed and deployed his writing talents in the ad industry for over 20 years and is always looking for more reasons to put pen to paper. When not writing or spending time with his family, Scott can be found following his favourite sports teams and reliving his self-described "glory days", much to the chagrin and pity of his children. Scott truly believes words can change the world.
Dear Maddie, I Didn't Know You, Getty Images

Dear Maddie, I Didn't Know You, But...

Mental illness is a very real and ever-present issue in my family. My wife suffers from bi-polar disorder and depression is prevalent in her family. The heredity of mental illness scares the life out of me Maddie. I am constantly looking for signs of it in my children. I've yet to really see any, but the scary part is sometimes you don't.
09/29/2016 04:47 EDT