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Scott Sorokoski

Civic politics and team lead for an international software mapping company

Scott Sorokoski was born and raised in Calgary and has lived in and around Ward 13 for his entire life. He is proud to raise his two children with his wife, Alana, of 15 years, in the community he has always called home.

Scott is a 40-year old Team Lead for an International Software Mapping Company with an educational background in Information Systems and Technology.

Scott has been committed to serving members of the community as President of the Millrise Community Association since 2009, is an award winning fundraiser for United Way Calgary, and continues to sit on multiple boards for Non-Profit Organizations.

Scott is seeking the honour of representing Ward 13, with the commitment to financial accountability, accessibility, and engaging with those he represents as we shape the future of this city together.
Scott Sorokoski for Calgary Ward

Scott Sorokoski for Calgary Ward 13

Change. Such a simple word but it means so much. In starting my career I had a boss that said "you are the new eyes of the company. You see the cracks in the foundation that all of us who have been here a while have lived with and ignored." This is where I have vowed to make an impact in every role I take on.
10/17/2013 05:17 EDT