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Scott Willats

MuchMusic VJ

As the newest addition to MuchMusic’s flagship series NEW.MUSIC.LIVE., Scott Willats describes himself as a music junkie who can’t go a day without his ipod. With roots in Mississauga, Ontario, Scott grew up listening to everything from Boot Camp and Mobb Deep, to The Diplomats and The Lox. His love for music has evolved to include an eclectic playlist including everything from Green Day to Mariah Carey. With a passion that now lies with house music, Scott brings an in-depth knowledge of electronic dance music to MuchMusic. His fresh perspective and charismatic personality make Scott a great addition to the Much family.

Scott had his eye on MuchMusic for a long time. In December 2011, when MuchMusic held its much anticipated open casting call, Scott lined up in freezing temperatures for hours at Much HQ, along with 500 other VJ hopefuls. One of the first people to get a meeting that day, Scott had a two-minute conversation with a MuchMusic executive producer, who was immediately impressed. It was apparent that Scott had a certain star quality. Following a grueling, nine month audition process which included taking dance lessons on camera and conducting an impressive interview with international pop sensation, Scott landed the job.

Scott has worked diligently to get to where he is today. After studying broadcasting at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Scott set his sights on Toronto to put his skills and passion to work. Scott landed an internship at where he found himself in front of the camera interviewing some of the biggest acts in the world, from Steve Aoki and Tiesto, to David Guetta and co-hosts of the 2012 MUCHMUSIC MMVAs, LMFAO.
MMVAs from a Rookie's Getty

MMVAs from a Rookie's Perspective

The MMVAs has showcased some of the biggest names in music performing on our very own street (Queen St. West that is) From Kanye West and his daunting 'Jesus Walks' to Arcade Fire bringing a marching band into the storied studio, to Drake and Bieber walking the red carpet together, it's a night that never ceases to impress. This year promises to be no different, and I'm a part of it!
06/14/2013 01:09 EDT