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Sean Mallen

Communications Consultant, former Europe Bureau Chief, Queen's Park Correspondent and Host-Producer of Focus Ontario for Global News.

Sean Mallen had an award-winning career of more than 3 decades covering stories from coast to coast and around the world, principally for Global News. He was Queen's Park Correspondent, Host-Producer of Focus Ontario and the London-based Europe Bureau Chief for Global National. He is a multiple winner of the RTNDA award, including a citation for coverage of referendum night in Montreal in 1995. He has covered several federal, provincial and municipal elections going back to the 1980s. The many international stories he has covered include the Royal Wedding, the Eurocrisis in Greece, the Arab Spring in Egypt, Vladimir Putin's re-election as president, the Costa Concordia disaster, the last Papal Conclave and both the Athens and London Olympics. He is now a communications consultant in Toronto, specializing in strategic communications. speech writing and high level media training. He is also an award winning travel writer with articles published in the Toronto Star, Post Media papers and other publications.
History Will Likely Not Be Kind To Sean

History Will Likely Not Be Kind To Sean Spicer

In the world of crisis communications, we counsel to always tell the truth, and if you cannot, just shut up. Lies inevitably will be exposed. Reputations that are already damaged will be shattered beyond repair. But as we well know, Trump and his team have broken all the rules of media relations and gotten away with it -- so far.
02/03/2017 02:01 EST
News Media Must Up Their Game Or Trump Will Run The

News Media Must Up Their Game Or Trump Will Run The Show

Journalists covering the White House must always be at the top of their game: tenacious, fearless and dedicated to a fair accounting of the truth. But the Trump presidency will challenge them like no other in our lifetime.
01/19/2017 12:03 EST
Diabetes Drug Could Rebuild

Diabetes Drug Could Rebuild Brains

For half a century, a drug called metformin has been making life better for people suffering from Type II diabetes. Now, Canadian researchers are finding that it could also offer remarkable benefits for something completely different. There is evidence that metformin can help an injured brain repair itself.
12/28/2016 07:45 EST
Marijuana Is An Old Remedy That Gives New

Marijuana Is An Old Remedy That Gives New Relief

As marijuana marches towards legalization in Canada, researchers are digging ever deeper into its potential therapeutic benefits. For people suffering from epilepsy it could mean reaching back to the wisdom of the ancients to deliver a modern form of relief.
12/16/2016 07:01 EST
The Fellowship Of The

The Fellowship Of The Mess

When military officers meet to dine, there is no gentle tapping of the glasses to draw the attention of the group. Nor is there a gentle "excuse me" murmured at ever increasing volume until the room settles down. Nope. A genial, but no-nonsense fellow briskly raps a gavel at the front of the table and immediately has your attention.
10/28/2016 01:53 EDT
A Toronto Expo 2025 Bid Would Confirm That Canada Is

A Toronto Expo 2025 Bid Would Confirm That Canada Is Back

The world came to Canada and Canada put on a hell of show. It made us all feel better about ourselves. Even the Bureau International des Expositions, the Paris-based organization that oversees world's fairs, considers Expo '67 a high-water mark in the history of these affairs. Now we might have another chance.
04/11/2016 10:44 EDT
Rachel Notley Has Staged A Masterwork Of Political

Rachel Notley Has Staged A Masterwork Of Political Imagery

Rachel Notley's challenge has been to reassure the fiercely skeptical Alberta business elites that were horrified to wake up last May to discover the NDP had risen to power. With the economy already hammered by plummeting oil prices, they feared that the New Democrats would inflict further damage through a climate change plan that would drive up costs and cripple the oil sands. But business leaders in the Alberta can read the financial press as well as the rest of us and now seem to be buying Rachel Notley's view that they better try to be part of the solution.
11/26/2015 11:25 EST
Remembering Canada's Most Decorated War

Remembering Canada's Most Decorated War Hero

Each of the thousands of Remembrance Day ceremonies across Canada has its own significance, meaning and poignancy. But the one that played out in Toronto's Mount Pleasant Cemetery had something no other could claim: a tribute to an extraordinary hero who for a time was nearly forgotten.
11/12/2015 11:00 EST
Let's Hope Trudeau's New Era Of Media Accountability

Let's Hope Trudeau's New Era Of Media Accountability Lasts

The true test of the Trudeau team's openness will come when actual decisions are being made, when real people start to object, when the human beings running the place start making mistakes. The national press gallery may be charmed for now, grateful that the Harper years of cold war are over. It will not last. Parliament Hill reporters are top professionals who will be ready to pounce when things inevitably go off the rails. When that happens, will the smiling ministers of day one remain available to be interrogated, challenged, or even hectored?
11/09/2015 04:20 EST
Justin Trudeau's Rise To Power Didn't Come

Justin Trudeau's Rise To Power Didn't Come Easy

Justin Trudeau's rise to the office held by his father was neither inexorable nor inevitable. He could have fallen off the tightrope several times along the way, but benefited from a convergence of talent and luck, wise counsel and an ability to learn. It is often forgotten that he was not handed a seat and did not pick an easy one.
11/04/2015 05:04 EST