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Seb FoxAllen

Writer, Satirist

Seb is a Toronto-based writer and satirist. As a faculty member at Toronto's Academy of the Impossible, he comments on the relationship between technology and culture with particular emphasis on notions of media, politics, language, and governance. He tweets primarily as <a rel="nofollow">@purpledocket</a> and blogs regularly at <a rel="nofollow">Please Revise</a> and insertimage.
How DiGiornio Cleaned Up Its Social Media

How DiGiornio Cleaned Up Its Social Media Mess

The person managing DiGiorno's account quickly realized the he had used a hashtag about domestic violence to sell pizzas. He deleted the original tweet and appeared to compose personal apologetic responses to anyone who had voiced disapproval. Compare this to the reaction to a promotion tweeted by Spirit Airlines last week.
09/09/2014 05:43 EDT
The Left Needs More Argument-Based

The Left Needs More Argument-Based Policies

What's lost in discourses lauding evidence-based policy is the nagging sense of agency over the policy directions we pursue; the concessions our ideologies are forced to support. Faced with that choice, I'll take argument-based policy every time.
04/29/2014 08:19 EDT
Trolling - I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It

Trolling - I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

You may have noticed variations of the term "online trolling" creeping their way into the style guides of your favourite news outlets over the past year. What the Internet need not attempt is to expunge trolls. Instead, the digital class must work towards a renegotiation of its idioms. A key part of this process will be coaxing more nuance from terms like trolls and trolling, insisting on new ways of delineating the undesirable from the criminal: the process from the by-product. Resist the rush to concede the perch of the troll; it's all many of us have left.
09/03/2013 05:27 EDT
Google Mines Your Data -- And You Wouldn't Want it Any Other

Google Mines Your Data -- And You Wouldn't Want it Any Other Way

Before we rehash our collective rage towards Facebook, Google and any other elective service that subsidizes our online interactions, the pervasive reality must be stated: We want our personal information in cyberspace, and we wouldn't lock it up if given the chance. The collection and leveraging of private data is perhaps the single defining characteristic of what we consider to be an attractive, familiar internet.
08/13/2013 12:14 EDT
Being The White Guy in The

Being The White Guy in The Picture

Today, The Rosedale Club -- which has no formal website, instead operating through personal tweets, Facebook event pages, and a Gmail address -- announced that their next meeting would be held on July 1, and feature "guest of honour" Conrad Black. Inevitably, critiques culminated in the all-too-familiar refrain: "What's with all the white guys?"
06/18/2013 05:28 EDT