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Seema Dhanoa

Business leader, as Vice President Strategy & Planning for Citizens Bank (Vancity Credit Union’s wholly-owned subsidiary)

I am Vice President Strategy & Planning of Citizens Bank, Vancity Credit Union’s wholly-owned subsidiary. I have been in the financial industry for almost 14 years. My career has been about learning, growth, and being on a leadership journey. I have held many roles, and driven my career by staying true to my values and discovering my path. For the Vancity Group, I have worked on operational and strategic initiatives ranging from credit union mergers to planning and implementing a technology program. In my current role, I am developing a strategy and business plan for Citizens Bank which redefines its purpose as a values-based bank.
Improve Your Business By Fighting Unconscious

Improve Your Business By Fighting Unconscious Bias

In a corporate setting, it's surprising that gender parity forecasts continue to be so dismal when more studies are finding that diverse companies outperform businesses that aren't as inclusive. So why is this the case? And what does it have to do with changing a couple gender-specific words in the national anthem? The answer has to do with a term called "unconscious or implicit bias."
08/22/2016 08:49 EDT