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Sen. Art Eggleton

Canadian senator and former mayor of Toronto and member of Parliament.

Art Eggleton is a Liberal Senator from Toronto. He is a member of The Standing Committee on National Finance and is Deputy Chair of The Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology. Visit Sen. Eggleton at or
It's Time For Canada To Test A Basic Geber86 via Getty Images

It's Time For Canada To Test A Basic Income

What we have done for far too long is simply not working. Even with all the social supports in place, the resulting income is often only enough to maintain a family in poverty. At their worst, existing policies and programs actually entrap people in poverty. This is why we need a new way. A basic income would work as a tax credit administered through the taxation system similar to the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors. If someone earns less or has less than the poverty line, they would simply be topped up to a point above the poverty line.
02/26/2016 04:00 EST
Let's Make Affordable Housing a Federal Election Paula Daniëlse via Getty Images

Let's Make Affordable Housing a Federal Election Issue

There are 235,000 Canadians who experience homelessness in the course of a year. And 1.6 million more Canadians are at risk of losing their homes according to CMHC. All this misery while study after study shows that it is cheaper for the public purse to house someone than leave them on the street, moving in and out of shelters, emergency hospital rooms and even jails in some cases. I think we all understand intuitively the importance of having decent shelter. A home anchors a person, anchors a family.
10/01/2015 08:30 EDT
Here Is a Plan for a Vibrant and Sustainable AFP via Getty Images

Here Is a Plan for a Vibrant and Sustainable CBC

The CBC is facing significant challenges. There is the continued rise of the Internet and digital services like Netflix that are changing the broadcasting landscape. More and more content is consumed online. There are also long-standing challenges of competing against the U.S. entertainment giant to our south. With these challenges in mind, here is what I propose. It is important to have a strong and vibrant CBC, to tell our stories, to entertain and inform us as Canadians.
07/24/2015 08:13 EDT
Canada Needs More Transparency in Pharmaceutical Phil Ashley via Getty Images

Canada Needs More Transparency in Pharmaceutical Regulation

The federal government plays a vital role in pharmaceutical drug regulation. We have many reasons to be proud of the systems for drug safety already in place in Canada. Yet there's room for significant improvement. Canadians deserve safe, effective, accessible and reliable pharmaceutical drugs when they need them. The only way to do this is through perpetually improved systems framed by transparency and openness.
03/16/2015 05:14 EDT
Three Things We Can Do to End Poverty in Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Three Things We Can Do to End Poverty in Canada

"Time to end poverty in Canada" has been the message from the Salvation Army coming across our TV screens this holiday season. A great idea from an organization that fights poverty every day in our country -- but is it realistic? Yes, it is. Poverty doesn't just cost the poor their dignity and a reasonable standard of living, it costs us all.
01/13/2015 08:57 EST
The Case for an Unelected CP

The Case for an Unelected Senate

We don't need two elected chambers in the Parliament of Canada. One is enough. Imagine the conflicts that could arise between two elected bodies, each feeling they have mandates to represent the people. Just look at the gridlock that exists in the United States Congress. Our system, which is based on the British or Westminster model, has stood the test of time.
12/08/2013 06:57 EST
Is Canada Really CP

Is Canada Really Inclusive?

Inclusion and cohesion are vital to the national social fabric. They are vital to the everyday interactions amongst Canadians. They are vital to our interconnectedness and a shared experience of our nation. So are we inclusive? Do citizens feel they are a vital part of our communities? Do they feel like they have a voice?
12/04/2013 05:27 EST
The Bill That Could Help Solve Getty Images

The Bill That Could Help Solve Homelessness

This week, MPs will vote on whether bill C-400 should be sent to committee, which seeks to establish a national housing strategy which I have been advocating for many years. By addressing the housing issue we can also address homelessness as well. Helping the homeless is not just about doing the morally right thing, it's also about dollars and cents.
02/25/2013 12:28 EST
Tackle, Don't Shackle, the Crime AP

Tackle, Don't Shackle, the Crime Problem

The Conservative government's new crime bill, Bill C-10, is likely to be voted on in the Senate this week. The legislation is misguided, ill- advised, will cost billions, and goes against what other jurisdictions have learned. The goal of the government should be to help, not shackle, its citizens
02/29/2012 01:42 EST
Hope Still for Grassroots AFP/Getty Images

Hope Still for Grassroots Democracy

Last week we saw a glimmer of hope for our democratic future with the mobilization of tens of thousands of Canadians who came together in a dramatic display of engagement and concern for their country in response to the Conservatives passing bill C-10, the omnibus crime bill now before the Senate.
12/18/2011 06:34 EST
An Open Letter to Mayor Ford: Don't Target the CP

An Open Letter to Mayor Ford: Don't Target the Voiceless

As a former mayor and budget chief, I understand the difficulty that goes into crafting a budget and tough decisions that must be made about certain programs. However, I hope Toronto Council will reassess some of the proposed cuts in this budget, especially those that affect the most vulnerable among us.
12/13/2011 12:39 EST
The Meaning Behind the Occupy CP

The Meaning Behind the Occupy Movement

The question is, why -- until now -- have Canadians not raised the alarm bells? For many, we have been led to believe that we are doing much better economically than the rest of world. Regrettably, that is simply not the case.
10/26/2011 09:10 EDT