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Sen. Mac Harb

Canadian Senator

After almost 15 years as a Member of Parliament, the Honourable Mac Harb was appointed to the Senate of Canada on September 8, 2003 by the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien. Since his appointment, Senator Harb has worked extensively with international democratic organizations on global democracy-building initiatives and election monitoring.

He has tabled legislation in the Senate calling for an end to the commercial seal hunt in Canada. He has introduced legislation to establish a National Registry for Medical Devices to protect Canadians, called for the creation of a National Emergency Volunteer Service to improve Canada’s emergency response capacity and put forward an electoral reform bill to increase voter participation. He has also been an active member of the Senate Standing Committees on Banking, Trade and Commerce, Scrutiny and Regulations, and Human Rights.
Canadian Politicians, Wake Up and End the Seal

Canadian Politicians, Wake Up and End the Seal Slaughter

On August 4, I was honoured to receive a humanitarian award from PETA for introducing Bill S-210 to end Canada's commercial seal slaughter. No international markets remain for this trade, but politicians from all parties prop it up each year with millions in wasted tax dollars. It's time for Canadian politicians to face the fact that the commercial seal-slaughter industry is over.
08/07/2012 12:22 EDT