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Shahla Khan Salter

Director - Universalist Muslims

Shahla Khan Salter is Director of Universalist Muslims.
Dear Stephen Harper, Eid ASSOCIATED PRESS

Dear Stephen Harper, Eid Mubarak

As Muslims celebrate Eid, it's important to look at the past month during which the world has witnessed thousands suffer in Gaza, Iraq and Syria. We has Prime Minister Stephen Harper to speak out about these issues, but are disappointed. We must do more in the name of humanity, Prime Minister Harper.
07/28/2014 01:42 EDT
If Muhammad Was Alive Today They Would Arrest Him Ani Zonneveld

If Muhammad Was Alive Today They Would Arrest Him Too

It may be a crime under shariah but it is the legend of Muhammad who befriended Christians, Jews and Pagans, gave women rights, never persecuted gays and lesbians and spoke out against the rich, established tribes of Mecca. Where would he be if he was alive today? According to shariah law, Muhammad would be in jail, labeled an infidel.
05/22/2014 05:57 EDT
Will Arabia's Malcolm X Go

Will Arabia's Malcolm X Go Free?

Co-founder of the Liberal Muslim Network in Saudi Arabia, Raif Badawi, has been in jail in Jeddah since June, 2012. His imprisonment and if he is executed, his death, would only prove what the Kingdom already knows, as captured in the words of the late, great Malcolm X that, "power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression."
04/11/2014 05:56 EDT
Fox News and a Few Conservative Muslim Leaders are Real Tetra Images via Getty Images

Fox News and a Few Conservative Muslim Leaders are Real Scrooges

On December 6, Slate Magazine published an essay by Aisha Harris entitled, "Santa Claus Should Not be A White Man Anymore." In a response that went viral, Megyn Kelly of Fox News said: "For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white..." Ironically, Kelly's intolerance, expressed during a season that ought to be filled with giving, love and acceptance, is nothing new. As a Muslim, it reminds me of those conservative Muslim leaders, on the same cold end of the Scrooge barometer as Kelly, who advise us Muslims that we better not wish anyone a Merry Christmas.
12/17/2013 12:20 EST
How Muslim Parents Can Help End Bullying in Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

How Muslim Parents Can Help End Bullying in Schools

Some kids have been targeted by bullies because the hatred towards gays, lesbians, trans and "others" runs so deep in North American society that even appearing different may merit ostracization. Who are we to complain about bigotry against our children if we perpetuate it against others? And so we must ask them, our fellow (otherwise peaceful) Muslim parents, how does the intolerance you teach at home, affect all our youth and our Muslim communities?
11/19/2013 12:39 EST
Meet the Woman Driving Change in Saudi Huffington Post

Meet the Woman Driving Change in Saudi Arabia

On Saturday, October 26, more than 60 Saudi women got behind the wheel and drove in Saudi Arabia to challenge the ban on women driving in that country. Some of them posted their videos on YouTube. Several people were detained and fined. Last week I interviewed another brave woman who drove on October 26, human rights activist and photographer, Samia El-Moslimany.
11/11/2013 05:07 EST
Stop Mainstream Canada's Apathy Toward First Nations Getty

Stop Mainstream Canada's Apathy Toward First Nations Abuse

A movement has taken hold. It arose notwithstanding the torturous abuse First Nations people withstood as children and youth at Canada's residential schools which took place during the course of my generation and previous generations. The after-effects of the abuse continue to haunt communities.
10/25/2013 05:43 EDT
The Quebec Charter Will Ghettoize Government of Quebec

The Quebec Charter Will Ghettoize Muslims

The PQ is unable to distinguish between religious zealotry that overtakes the public sphere and individuals who, though they exhibit their faith publicly, continue to work peacefully, alongside their neighbours of other beliefs, without difficulty. Make no mistake -- everyone in Quebec will be affected by the Charter of "Values." The entire society will be subjected to change as a result. Do we want people to be forced to choose their faith over integration in the public sphere? Do we want "Muslim only" sections of cities? That will be the result of failing to allow the integration of visible religious minorities in the public sphere. It is apartheid.
09/11/2013 12:17 EDT
Fox News and Saudia Arabia Have More in Common Than You Getty

Fox News and Saudia Arabia Have More in Common Than You Think

Last Friday Dr. Reza Aslan was interviewed by Fox News on his recent book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. Bigotry reigned as Green repeatedly asked Aslan why as a "Muz-lim" he would write a book about Jesus. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, another secular Muslim sat in a Saudi prison, awaiting his sentence. His crime? Attempting to liberalize religion in Saudi Arabia and criticizing religious police.
07/31/2013 12:06 EDT
Canada Turned a Blind Eye to This Woman's Black Radio-Canada

Canada Turned a Blind Eye to This Woman's Black Eye

In June 2011, two prominent Saudi activists, Wajeha Al-Huwaider and Fawzia Al-Oyouni, came to the aid of a Canadian woman named Nathalie Morin. She is physically and psychologically mistreated by her husband. Saudi law puts all aid workers who help women in need of protection from domestic violence at legal risk.
07/11/2013 12:33 EDT
Disguised in the Name of Getty Images

Disguised in the Name of Islam

In the last few months the world has witnessed, once again, atrocities planned and in two cases, carried out, disguised in the name of Islam. The debate among Muslims in the West is filled with tension. And as Muslims what more must we do to stop the chaos, in addition to demanding changes in our Western countries' foreign policies?
06/03/2013 05:16 EDT
Why No Kid Should Be Banned From Playing

Why No Kid Should Be Banned From Playing Sports

This weekend the Quebec Soccer Federation votes on whether to lift a ban that prevents kids from playing soccer -- specifically Sikh players who wear turbans. In sports, you learn to participate and take risks. And you learn to include everyone. It is a lesson that some of the grown-ups still don't get.
05/31/2013 05:40 EDT
Canada: Strong and Free or Scared and Shutterstock

Canada: Strong and Free or Scared and Silent?

Is it odd that we have gone from being a nation that respects the impartiality of the press to one in which government has no qualms about personally bashing senior journalists when they deliver unfavorable news? Government leaders take note. You serve as an example.
05/07/2013 05:25 EDT
This Woman Risked Death to Go Getty Images

This Woman Risked Death to Go Topless

A 19-year-old woman, named Amina Tyler, who lives in Tunisia, was threatened with stoning after she exposed her breasts in a photo she posted online, scribbling the words -- "my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone's honour" -- on her torso in Arabic.
04/05/2013 05:16 EDT
Violence Against Women Does Not AP

Violence Against Women Does Not Discriminate

Within the last year tragedies of violence against women and girls have made headlines. Violence against women exists in places not only where the laws oppress us but also where they are supposed to protect us. It exists in the richest communities of the world and the poorest.
03/21/2013 12:26 EDT
Muslim Sermons That Offend Instead of Getty Images

Muslim Sermons That Offend Instead of Inspire

On February 15, 2013, Muslim students at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, attended a Friday prayer service, seeking enlightenment and spiritual comfort. Instead they were delivered a Khutbah filled with offensive comments against sexual minorities and women. Unfortunately, the Cornell incident is not an isolated one.
03/07/2013 05:48 EST
How to Fight Hate Without Becoming

How to Fight Hate Without Becoming Hateful

At Muslims for Progressive Values we at fight peacefully against those who call themselves Muslim and inflict crimes against humanity. The incitement of hatred, examples of which proliferate our society, does not help our cause, nor humanity as a whole. It does the opposite. Hatred begets hatred
02/06/2013 07:56 EST
Are Your Human Rights Safe in AP

Are Your Human Rights Safe in Canada?

Monday, December 10 is International Human Rights Day. And on this day three Canadians remain in prison in Iran. Are we safer here in Canada? A vast body of Canadian law has been developed that upholds the rights of individuals even in the face of the most heinous crimes. But in Canada, today, in light of the cases of Mohamed Harkat, Mohammad Mahjoub and Mahmoud Jaballah, if someone thinks you are a terrorist -- and someone said you are a terrorist even under torture -- you may be arrested, thrown in prison, or placed under house arrest, tried without knowing the evidence against you and then deported.
12/10/2012 05:10 EST