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Shahrzad Rafati

Founder and CEO, BroadbandTV Corp.

Shahrzad Rafati is the founder and CEO of BroadbandTV Corp., a leading digital entertainment and technology company that operates one of the world’s largest entertainment networks on YouTube. Recognized by Fast Company as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business, Shahrzad is accredited with pioneering both the technology and business model that made peace between big entertainment entities like the NBA and their fans who were uploading premium content to video sites like YouTube. Shahrzad has propelled BroadbandTV to become one of the largest networks on YouTube, with over 1.2 billion monthly views and 12,000 content partners.
The Way We Watch Video Will Soon Change

The Way We Watch Video Will Soon Change Forever

Viral video material can pop up at any time, and there are now a ton of apps on the market that can make mobile recording that much easier and higher quality. There are a few apps in particular like Camera MX, that allow you to combine effects and photo frames to get more creative with your camera.
01/16/2014 05:27 EST