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Shahzadi Devje

Award-winning media dietitian and food blogger in Toronto

Shahzadi shows busy health seekers – with credible science-backed strategies – how simple it can be to eat for health, nourish mindfully and thrive with confidence, while enjoying ethnic cuisines.

An award-winning media dietitian and food blogger in Toronto, Shahzadi is an entrepreneur, TV show nutrition expert and community activist - fuelled by her passion to help others improve their health, and be on top of their game. Watching her father’s struggle with diabetes, as well as her own battle with PCOS, inspired Shahzadi to study Nutrition at a young age, and pursue further studies in the field. She holds a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition, with a focus on global health, as well as a Masters diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, from the U.K.

Combined with her love of cooking, writing and photography, Shahzadi created Desi~licious RD Inc. to help others recognize that healthy doesn’t have to be hard. In an age where people are bombarded with conflicting nutrition messages, Shahzadi is determined to bring clarity and simplicity through her blogging and media features. Get Shahzadi's Ultimate Meal Prep Guide with 25 Sumptuous Whole Food Recipes. It’s FREE!

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