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Shane Feldman

Top 20 Under 20, Producer, Motivational Speaker, Founder of Count Me In - As Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of Count Me In, Shane Feldman is the creative strategist behind the world's largest youth-run movement.

In April 2014, Shane produced Count Me In's first annual broadcast, now recognized as the world's largest youth-run event. The broadcast engaged over 2.2 Million, with viewers in 69 countries. Count Me In's thoughtfully designed program motivates teens to get involved in their local communities, and helps connect them with local opportunities matching their interests. Count Me In also engages young people to counter mental health issues.

As a speaker, Shane Feldman gives audiences the blueprints they need to not only find personal happiness but to share their gifts with the world. Shaneʼs infectious optimism and instructional know-how ignites a desire to stay driven and build meaningful relationships with your peers, colleagues and communities.

At the age of 13, Shane experienced a difficult transition into high school. But before long, Shane’s dark freshman year began to take the shape of an uplifting national movement. After weeks of lunches eaten alone and no luck at making new friends, Shane approached his guidance councillor, Mr. Conte, for help. Reaching out saved him from depression, and helped Shane discover the key to happiness: getting involved. Through his involvement in clubs and councils, he suddenly had new friends, was enjoying school, and was actually waking up in the morning excited to start each day. Motivated to share this amazing feeling, he decided to organize an assembly to inspire his classmates to become engaged in the school community. Shane’s passion was contagious and before long students at other schools were anxious to join in. That small school assembly is now the largest youth-run event of its kind, and has been broadcast to audiences across the globe. In 2014, the annual Count Me In broadcast had an international reach of over 2.2 million. Through “Count Me In”, Shane has inspired young people around the world to make positive choices, and his organization helps connect them with local causes and opportunities matching their interests. Featuring a dynamic line-up of inspirational young leaders, celebrity speakers and empowering performers, Count Me In brings students together with organizations looking for volunteers.

Shane has been recognized by the Canadian House of Commons and The United National Youth Assembly for his work on Count Me In. He was honoured at the 6th Annual Character Community Awards Celebration with the Citizen of Character Award. In 2013, Shane was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 by the Order Of Canada panel.

Feldman is a teenager committed to making the world a better place. With previous clients ranging from the New York’s CRAZE Marketing Conference to the International Student Leadership Conference.

When he’s not working on Count Me In, Shane is speaking at schools, conferences and events, and working with non-profits and corporations to improve their youth engagement strategies.
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