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Shannon Echlin

Child and baby portrait photographer

Shannon Echlin is a Toronto-based child and baby portrait photographer. Her strong background in art influences her style when working with families and commercial clients. Her goal is to create unique yet classic images. Shannon attended the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College and also received a Fine Arts Degree at Ontario College of Art and Design. Since starting her blog she has found a love for writing and sharing her experiences and knowledge about photography, cuisine and local artisans.
How to Take Holiday Family Photos Like the

How to Take Holiday Family Photos Like the Pros

At the risk of being too honest, I'll admit that after years as a child and baby photographer I still have days where I'm faced with a fussy baby or a family with three hyper boys and I'm not sure how I'll get through the photo session. But as long as you are having fun, you will get great pictures.
12/23/2011 11:55 EST