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Shannon M. Nelson

Contributing editor at, a Canadian financial news and opinion site

Shannon Nelson is a mature yet puerile Canadian broadcaster who splits her time between Canada and the US.

Shannon has hosted hundreds of in depth, on camera interviews with politicians, musicians, and athletes for the Biography Channel, and she was also the host of The Shannon Nelson Show on talk station CFUN 1410 radio for five years. Before that she was co-host of CBC Television’s national daytime interview program, In The Company of Women with Charmaine Crooks and Maria La Rose, and while her kids were growing up she wrote a funny and popular weekly column on family life for the North Shore News.

Shannon Nelson is currently a contributing editor at, a Canadian financial news and opinion site.

How to Get a Big Bang for Your Charitable Buck

I'm all lit up right now, and I just have to share. No, it's not about Christmas cocktails (I wish), or standing too close to the outlet that houses the electrical cord on my twinkly little Christmas...
12/23/2014 09:50 EST
Alan Schein/Fuse

Why I Don't Want to Become an American Citizen

As a Canadian living in the United States (legally -- I'm a permanent resident), Americans routinely ask me when I'm going to become a U.S. citizen. It's always interesting to watch their reactions when I tell them "no thank you." The simple answer is that don't want to run afoul of that greedy monster, the IRS.
12/18/2014 05:59 EST

Are You An Aspiring Santa? Think About Santa School

As for the money, pay for a Santa job ranges from $20 an hour for a mall Santa to $70 an hour for a corporate event. This is just Brad's first year as a Santa, but I read that some of the more experienced guys are making in the five figures for 6 weeks work. However, as I mentioned earlier, it's not about the money for Brad. It's actually a 'transformative experience' for him.
12/12/2014 12:47 EST

Your Office Chair Might Be Killing You

Sitting is the new smoking, or at least that's what the manufacturers of standing desks (and there are several of them these days) will tell you. The medical profession agrees, and experts have identified some 34 diseases and conditions that are associated with excess sitting.
11/19/2014 05:41 EST
kasto80 via Getty Images

How Turnips Reminded Me of Remembrance Day and a Family Hero

The lady who bawled me out at the grocery store made me think of my Papa. Remembrance Day was the biggest day of the year for him. In addition to marking the end of the worst nightmare in history, November 11 was his birthday and his wedding anniversary. When my Papa was alive he really looked forward to marching in the Remembrance Day parade.
11/08/2014 07:30 EST

7 Reasons Why Working for Free Is Great for Your Career

Is there any real benefit to working for free, other than what the company you're working for gets? You bet there is! And if you ask around in today's entrepreneurial world, you'll find that working without financial compensation has helped many people move toward achieving their career and business goals.
11/06/2014 08:24 EST

Equity Crowdfunding Is Changing Venture Capitalism in Canada

According to Oscar Jofre, equity crowdfunding is the Holy Grail of the crowdfunding phenomenon that is sweeping the globe. Unlike the other types of crowdfunding, equity financing is highly regulated. It has to be, to prevent widespread fraud. But don't let that put you off.
10/31/2014 06:21 EDT
Top Photo Corporation via Getty Images

Why It's Important to Ego Surf the Web

Bottom line: it takes a lot of effort and you have to be tech savvy to manipulate a search result. Most people aren't equipped to get the results they want. Prevention is obviously key. There are things both you individually and your business can do to develop and maintain a good online reputation:
10/16/2014 07:44 EDT

Sorry Ello, My Heart Belongs to Facebook

Since becoming Ello-worthy, I've spent some time trying to figure out what I can do there. And my conclusion is: not much.I feel like the new girl in town, with no friends, no idea how to get around, braces on my teeth and the wrong clothes. Given the choice, I'm heading back to the comfort of Facebook.
10/06/2014 12:53 EDT
Oliver Rossi via Getty Images

The Advantages of Being Employed By Your Adult Children

For Tommy and me, working together is a win-win. We had a great relationship before we started working together, and now we're even closer. But family business experts warn that some of the same problems as can be found in having your kids work for you emerge when you have a parent working for you. So here are a few tips to making the 'Mom is my employee' thing work.
08/30/2014 02:46 EDT

Dick Cheney Could Be My New BFF

Okay, I know I'm a little late out of the gate for this revelation about the 46th vice president of the United States of America, but Dick Cheney's new book In My Time is still fresh off the presses,...
12/29/2011 01:17 EST

How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

It is imperative that you dress appropriately for turkey dinner. I don't know about your bunch, but the people in my family literally salivate in anticipation of turkey, and unless you're prepared with an elasticized or drawstring waistband on your pants, the price tag for the ensuing gluttony can be serious discomfort.
10/07/2011 11:31 EDT
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A Baby Boomer's Tale of Online Dating

I won't go into the salacious details of our first visit; suffice it to say that despite some initial nervousness, our online attraction was affirmed with a real-life connection that was pretty hot.
09/28/2011 09:37 EDT

The Heartbreak of Separation

I had a nice family once... a good husband, healthy, happy children, a home, dogs, and a cat. And then one day I discovered that what I thought was a safe, secure home was no longer. My world split apart like a meteor fracturing into tiny pieces, hurtling helter skelter through a dark, strange space.
09/19/2011 03:04 EDT