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Shannon McKarney


Shannon McKarney is an Ottawa mom, writer, wife, beagle owner and all-round chum. Originally from Nova Scotia, Shannon worked for many years in high tech in both Canada and the UK in companies as diverse as Adobe, Tomoye, Shopify and Overlay.TV. She's now a full time blogger and social media darling, handling all content and communications for BlissDom Events including BlissDom Canada, and writing at She has also written for, The Bad Moms Club, Draft Day Suit and If you're trying to bribe her, bring red wine and dark chocolate.
I Blog, Therefore I Alamy

I Blog, Therefore I Am

I was web geeky for sure -- I think I had about 5 Geocities sites by that point, including one about my cat. and this intrigued me. Do you mean to tell me that there's a platform just for writing? I could write somewhere where other people could read it? My very own column on the Internet?
10/31/2012 03:15 EDT