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Shannon Mulligan

Craft beer marketer by day, and everything else by night.

As an only child growing up in the Kawartha Lakes, Shannon was raised on the (perhaps misguided) belief that everything is a performance. Favourite pastimes include making up slumber party board games that involve fake beards, wizards, and truth or dare, and making up dances and putting them on YouTube. Her husband is very understanding.
Maxing Out Our

Maxing Out Our Happiness

nd I'd give myself a solid 8/10 at life. It's just that remaining 2/10 that's sometimes missing. This other 20 per cent is, in my opinion, the zest of life. It's those moments you get caught up in and find yourself wondering if this is really your life -- is it actually possible to be this excruciatingly happy?
07/05/2015 10:17 EDT
Being Selfish Just Means Taking Care of

Being Selfish Just Means Taking Care of Yourself

I like being selfish. I'm not sure when it came to be a bad word, but to me, it's always spoken of the power of self-confidence. Of knowing what you want, what makes you happy, and making that happen for yourself.
04/19/2015 11:35 EDT
You Can Do Anything -- But You Don't Have

You Can Do Anything -- But You Don't Have to

Sometimes it's just as hard to hear that you can do anything as it is to hear you can't. It's an intense amount of pressure that lives inside your heart and constantly wants to take you over and confine you to your bed because it's too much work. To be honest, it can be exhausting being told to follow your dreams.
03/23/2015 06:44 EDT