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Shannon Skinner

Broadcaster, Speaker, Author

Shannon Skinner is the creator and host of the television and online series, Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner, and the radio show Shannon Skinner Live on VoiceAmerica Women.

Shannon inspires and uplifts audiences around the globe with her keynote talks. Her signature book, The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity, provides how-to guidance on discovering purpose and following your dreams.

As a writer, Shannon contributes to several publications on women's issues, inspiration and travel. A wine enthusiast, Shannon recently completed the Wine Specialist certificate program at George Brown College and conducts educational wine tastings for small groups when the opportunity arrises.

10 Tips For Women Travelling Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

10 Tips For Women Travelling Solo

Women travel for a variety of reasons, from recreation to business to study. For any woman travelling solo, personal safety must be paramount -- regardless of the purpose. Whether you are travelling to a major city on business, taking the road less travelled, or doing the all-inclusive resort get-away, the same principle applies: Put your safety first.
02/10/2017 04:56 EST
How To Host A Wine Tasting Andrew Watson via Getty Images

How To Host A Wine Tasting Party

If you enjoy wine, why not expand your palate? For wine enthusiasts, a terrific way to try a variety of wines - without breaking the bank -- is to host a wine tasting party with friends in your own home. It is a fun and educational way to try different styles of wines, while spending quality time with friends.
11/30/2016 03:27 EST
The Secret To Great Communication Is Jupiterimages via Getty Images

The Secret To Great Communication Is Simple

Whether the relationship is personal or professional, communicating with people you care about is an art, kind of like dancing the Tango. Good communication takes practice and effort, but once you know the secret to great communication, you can have better, deeper and more meaningful connections.
11/22/2016 04:26 EST
Why We Hurt After Hillary's JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Why We Hurt After Hillary's Defeat

We hurt because this was personal. Women who have come such a long way in our evolution and fought so hard to be valued, valuable and powerful in every definition of the word. That pain knows no borders -- or walls. And that mourning is the loss of a dream. The dream that women can be much more. That's why it feels so personal.
11/14/2016 10:43 EST
Touring The Grange Of Prince Edward Shannon Skinner and Darcelle Runciman

Touring The Grange Of Prince Edward County

Located 2.5 hours from Toronto along the east end of Lake Ontario is Prince Edward County, a relatively new and rapidly growing wine region. One of the region's gems is The Grange of Prince Edward County vineyard and wine estate, eastern Ontario's largest award-winning estate vineyard and winery owned and operated by Caroline and Maggie Granger, a mother-daughter duo.
11/10/2015 03:55 EST
India's Incredible Living Root Shannon Skinner

India's Incredible Living Root Bridges

India's northeastern state of Meghalaya ("Abode of the Clouds") is breathtaking with its tropical forests, lush green mountains and fluffy, white clouds. Unique to this wet and remote area are spectacular living root bridges.
05/08/2015 05:12 EDT
Get Over the February Blahs With These jupiterimages

Get Over the February Blahs With These Tips

I tend to hibernate more and by the end of February I'm going squirrelly. By now, I need an attitude adjustment. My guess is that others do, too. Here are some ways to get over the February blahs and cabin fever, as we go into the last stretch of winter.
02/23/2015 01:17 EST