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Sharad Kerur

Executive Director, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Since 2003, Sharad Kerur has been Executive Director of the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association where he leads a team of dedicated staff and board members to represent 760 non-profit housing providers in the areas of policy, advocacy, research, government relations, education, member support, communications and group procurement.

Prior to this, Sharad spent 17 years from 1985 to 2002 with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) as Director in a variety of different policy and corporate capacities. While there, he helped to create and was the first CEO of Local Authority Services Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary company to AMO providing a $600 million investment fund along with several group procurement products and services that were specific to the needs of municipalities.

In 2002 he left to join OMEX (the Ontario Municipal Insurance Exchange) as Director of Corporate Services to expand the use of structured pooled insurance programs.

He previously served on the board of the Wellesley Institute and currently serves on the board of the Trillium Housing Non-Profit Corporation and the social housing sector's Asset Management Centre.
Social Housing Emergencies Show Vulnerable Tenants Need Lucas Oleniuk via Getty Images

Social Housing Emergencies Show Vulnerable Tenants Need Support

Social housing communities are increasingly home to the most vulnerable members of our communities. The private rental market has left many renters behind, meaning that for families fleeing domestic violence, individuals wrestling with mental health and addictions challenges, and aging seniors on fixed incomes, social housing may be the only available option. It's become clear that both the public and the government now expect social housing providers to go above and beyond their traditional role as landlords, to assist at-risk tenants.
02/23/2016 04:53 EST
The Homeless Will Keep Dying Until Affordable Housing Is a Mitchell Funk via Getty Images

The Homeless Will Keep Dying Until Affordable Housing Is a Priority

The four homeless men who lost their lives in Toronto over the past two weeks have brought much needed public attention to the city's affordable housing crisis. While the swift response of Mayor Tory and City Council are welcome indications of progress to come, it is crucial that we do not fail to see the forest for the trees. Emergency shelter systems in Toronto and across Ontario must receive more funding and supports, but permanent solutions to housing insecurity require an increased supply of affordable homes and secure supportive housing spaces.
01/16/2015 12:52 EST
The Ontario Courts Should Learn Shelter Is a Basic PeteWill via Getty Images

The Ontario Courts Should Learn Shelter Is a Basic Need

On December 1, the Ontario Court of Appeal failed Canadians who are homeless or living in substandard conditions. By ruling that the Government of Canada has no obligation to provide "affordable, adequate, and accessible housing" to its citizens, the Court sanctioned the government's abdication of responsibility for housing and dealt a significant blow to vulnerable Canadians.
12/11/2014 08:37 EST
Affordable Housing Isn't Even on the Ontario Election Radar - Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Affordable Housing Isn't Even on the Ontario Election Radar - Why?

Over the past four weeks, pundits, parties and candidates in the Ontario race have talked everything from jobs to transit to past scandals and old grievances. There's one issue, though, that they've been silent on: affordable housing. By ignoring housing, all three major parties have abandoned the primary need of the most vulnerable residents in our communities. Instead, Wynne, Hudak and Horwath have focused on jobs, gridlock and rebuilding Ontario's economy without recognizing that affordable housing is a key part of the solution to each of those problems.
06/03/2014 05:31 EDT