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Shari Graydon

Founder, Informed Opinions

Shari Graydon is an award-winning author, journalist and advocate. She founded and currently leads Informed Opinions, a social enterprise that partners with organizations across Canada to amplify women’s voices and support their increased participation in the public discourse. Follow her @InformedOps

Informed Opinions is working to amplify women's voices for a more democratic Canada and bridge the gender gap in public discourse. We teach smart women to translate their expertise into concise, and compelling commentary, to increase their impact.

We're also building, an online database of knowledgeable women designed to make it easier for journalists to access diverse female sources from across the country.
5 Steps To Overcoming Public Speaking Hero Images via Getty Images

5 Steps To Overcoming Public Speaking Nerves

The capacity to capture people's attention and persuade from the front of a room are critical tools -- whether your goal is winning a new client, motivating your employees or changing the world. They're widely recognized as key career skills. Failure to master presentations can limit opportunities in many fields.
04/28/2017 05:31 EDT
The Terrifying Effectiveness Of Trump's Getty

The Terrifying Effectiveness Of Trump's Communications

As professional communicators who advise others on how to improve their ability to connect with audiences, Shari Graydon and Sarah Neville have watched the astonishing ascension of political neophyte and insult-machine Donald Trump with dropped jaws. Here's their conversation about the lessons to be learned from his fearless communication style.
08/18/2016 08:41 EDT
Four Reasons the Media Should be Forced to Quote More Justin Case via Getty Images

Four Reasons the Media Should be Forced to Quote More Women

It's often seen as a dirty word, and I usually avoid using it. So when Lisa Kimmel, the general manager of Edelman PR agency recently invited me to debate the merits of imposing a gender "quota" on journalists as a means of increasing the number of women quoted in the news, I balked. Then I changed my mind. Here's why a quota on quoting women might actually make sense.
06/06/2014 05:07 EDT
Steve Paikin's Right: Women Avoid the Media

Steve Paikin's Right: Women Avoid the Media Spotlight

Don't blame the messenger, folks: When Steve Paikin, host of The Agenda blogged and tweeted recently about the show's difficulties in recruiting female guests, he elicited a firestorm of protest. But what he says rings true to me. Our experience is that women decline interviews much more often than their male counterparts. The data in the chart below was drawn from surveys of university professors, business and NGO leaders from all over Canada. We asked them to identify why they turned down media interview requests. Their answers fall into three main categories.
03/18/2014 12:16 EDT