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Shari Margolese

Steering Committee Member, Blueprint for Action Canada

Shari Margolese has been an active voice for people living with HIV since her diagnosis in 1993. As a mother, her advocacy and education efforts have often focused on the needs of women and families living with HIV. Shari has served as the National Women's Representative of the Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC) and as a volunteer with Voices of Positive Women, where she founded a ground breaking support group for HIV + mothers in 1994.

Currently, Shari is a steering committee member of Blueprint for Action Canada and ATHENA. Shari holds an appointment on the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Advisory Committee (CHARAC) and she is a leading advocate for the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV in the research process. Shari is a freelance writer, public speaker and community consultant with expertise in knowledge translation and community based research. Shari has been awarded the Golden Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth II and other honors for her contribution and dedication
to the HIV Community.
Don't Judge Me for Having HIV and AP

Don't Judge Me for Having HIV and Children

I am a woman living with HIV, but I am a woman first. As a woman, I have similar hopes, dreams and desires as women who are not HIV positive, including having a family. Twenty years ago when I was first diagnosed, people living with HIV were discouraged from having children due to lack of methods to prevent our children from becoming infected with HIV. Today, highly effective methods are available which, when taken correctly, can reduce the risk of HIV transmission to an infant to almost zero. Yet, despite volumes of medical evidence and thousands of children born HIV free globally, people living with HIV face judgement and condemnation when we choose to have children.
12/06/2012 05:20 EST